Terry Huwe

Many interpretations = opportunity
Some questions for all organizations:

  • can you foretell what classroom or library will look like in five years?
  • Offices?
  • Org charts?

Some challenges to face:

  • we need to do more of the same, only better
  • we need new roles as well

“Technologies of collaboration” are now mainstream

  • it’s now vital to view technology as an enabler of community and respond accordingly
  • good news: most professionals have embraced web 2.0
  • but it’s crucial to build a strategy
  • physical space has a new life

The 2.0 tools go well with legacy systems and are also driving space planning

Library commons is powerful

  • how students work today is different from even a few years ago
  • multitasking
  • leverage technology


  • grand old building
  • manage listservs, web presence, desktop publishing
  • parley service into new space

Know the organizational setting

  • disciplines collapsing
  • multi-disciplinary research

Our community in context

  • organized research unit at UCB
  • support faculty research and doctoral-level study

Volunteered to

  • run web, intranet and extranets
  • become publishers of print & digital publications
  • manage online conversations
  • take the lead in introducing many new technologies

But 2.0 stretched imaginations

  • blogging, webcasting, webconferencing, wikis
  • webzine of enews (evolved from email newsletter)
  • News blog – subscribes to topical news and posts it on blog for research
  • from webcasts to podcasts – conference presentations are online
    • podcasts more popular than webcasts (80/20)
    • odeo – cheap alternative before committing resources

Stuff on our radar

  • social bookmarking
  • instant messaging
  • facebook and second life
    • but only when these 2.0 tools become relevant to the organization are they implemented

The Library commons

  • in academic settings, it’s a major feature for design
  • fits well with 2.0 technologies
  • integrated projectors
  • wifi
  • easy furniture
  • cozy setting, good light, good place to hang out and read or work
  • surprised by getting more money for print materials because of new space
  • integrated environment
  • information gateway – 5 PCS and 1 imac, sheet feeding scanner – anyone can come in and use the equipment
  • commons helped calm a fractious environment

What we’ve learned about organizations and library 2.0

  • infopros have an edge in understanding how content “feeds” communities
  • IT depts. Don’t always see potential
  • direct oversight of networked information and programming skill is very important
  • recreational and business computing are merging, but not as fast as some think
  • the larger the (academic) library, the slower the implementation process, so be a self-starter
  • given that situation, individuals need to take big steps, even risks
  • emphasizes individual voices

Trends to watch:

  • How much authoring is going on where you work?
  • What are they saying in the disciplienes
  • create focus groups
  • implement an interactive feature
  • understand the organizational culture