Darlene Fichter and Frank Cervone

**update: links added**

Communicating ideas
sketchcast.com – drawing and audio
jingproject.com – capture and share images on screen

  • use when showing works better than telling
  • just in time demos – canned screens for common how-to questions

picnik – online photo editor, plugin for IE or Firefox

  • allows capture of full page, not just what appears on screen

Just for fun!
Kerpoof – make online cartoons, movies, pictures

Other power point sharing sites;

capture screen or page image

Visual pagerank

IBM Unstructured Information Modeler

  • analyze unstructured data sets
  • automatically classify and create categories
  • works for 1000 – 10,000 records


  • compare differences in two different directories (e.g. Hard drive and thumb drive) using graphical interface
  • logview

SOAP Sonar

text editor – adapts to a large number of programming languages; color codes different languages and elements

Perl Express

Fun with Images

Search and Indexing

Open source federated searching

IBM Omnifind Yahoo edition

  • Supports up to 500,000 documents
  • go from installer to searching in minutes
  • easy to use graphical tools to configure look and feel
  • configurable synonyms and featured links increase relevancy
  • download and install on server

Google Coop CSE
good site integration

OpenURL referrer Toolbar
doesn’t go away when you delete cookies

Flog Blog

Pack your own browser
Portable Firefox – bundled with portable apps to take bookmarks, extensions, passwords

asterisk logger v.1.02 – reveal stored passwords
undelete – recovers deleted files, unerases lost data
unstoppable copier – recover all bytes from scratched cds
simple file shredder – securely delete files so they can’t be restored
KeePass – store all your passwords in one database, locked with one master key