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Paul Pival
Chad Boeninger

Outreach is fostering relationships with people unconnected with the organization
Why provide outreach?
We must be where people are…

WP Polls plugin for Word Press blogs
can use blogs as a knowledge base

teach classes from wiki content
online “handout” of course materials

use it to make yourself accessible/approachable
link to your profile
import info from blogs, etc. into facebook
occasionally gets reference questions in facebook

Pigeon – plugin connects to meebo widget
embed same meebo widget in lots of places
embed different widgets to know where people are coming from (embed one in catalog, for example, listed as “catalog help”)

Skype – VoIP
share video and audio

capture still or video images with audio; save, embed, share
doesn’t allow editing
works with anything on your desktop
similar, web-based tool
browser capture only?

Knowledge Base Publisher
open source
for FAQs, etc.
See stats on views of each FAQ “article”
user ratings
customers can submit a question
provides suggested answers as well as place to email questions?
Easily add questions from customers to the knowledge base