Interesting challenge this week: create a 2-piece look for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line at Steve and Barry’s, spending no more than $15. I can tell you, as someone who sews, that the idea of trying to do 2 pieces for $15 gives me heart palpitations. It’s one thing when you’re mass producing and can buy fabric in bulk, but for a one-off it’s a very difficult thing to do. Fabric is getting more expensive, but you could probably still pull it off except that when you add in buttons, zippers, whatever other notions you need, you’re bound to go over budget. Maybe the designers get some of that stuff for free, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a stock of zippers and buttons at Parsons…

Anyway, it was a team challenge, so with only 7 designs we got to see a little more of each one:

  • Rami (with Jillian): boring. Disappointing after last week, and his sketch looked a lot more interesting than the actual outfit, which was basically a big belted shirt with leggings. Meh.
  • Christian (with Carmen): butt ugly jacket. Dress was fine but boring. Deservedly in the bottom two. Carmen surprised me – I had her pegged as the tough type, but she’s a cryer.
  • Ricky (with Jack): I really liked this dress – I would totally wear it. Is it the most inspired design ever? No. But it’s still very good.
  • Elisa (with Sweet P): Although I’m not a fan of capes in general, I thought Elisa pulled off a very interesting design that looked way better than her sketch. I’m glad she’s still around. Spit marks aside, I have hopes that we might actually see some good and interesting design from her.
  • Kit (with Chris): cute, wearable, but unmemorable. Still, I thought it was a better fit with the Bitten line than some of the other choices.
  • Victorya (with Kevin): another cute, swingy dress. Victorya strikes me as the type whose construction will always be impeccable and who has a distinctive, but possibly narrow style (sort-of like Laura, but for younger tastes). We shall see. I liked the vest.
  • Marion (with Steven): I’m torn. I didn’t like the fringe-and-flashdance look, but I didn’t think the outfit was as bad as the judges seemed to. And there have been far bigger turkeys on Runway that didn’t get the boot (e.g. the jumpsuit Santino made for Kara Janx, or the ice-skating outift he made for Sasha Cohen that looked like a turkey costume). Still, based on his two looks for this show, I can’t say I’m really sorry to see him go.

I was happy to see SJP on the show – a much better “icon” than some from past shows (Miss America, anyone?). Hope it bodes well for the rest of the season.