I have to vent about this episode. I thought the challenge was interesting. It’s the first time I can remember that we’ve really seen a mini-collection before the Fashion Week episode. Trying to unify 3 different out-of-date trends AND 3 different designers’ takes on those trends makes for an interesting dynamic. But they spent so much time on the drama behind the scenes that the clothes really got lost in this episode. The two top teams were dismissed with no discussion, so all we got to see of their finished product was a brief glimpse on the runway. Total bummer. Come on, Bravo – I’m way more interested in good design than bad. I want to hear from the winning designers. I want to hear why the judges picked one good design over another. Cut 5 minutes of the stupid conflict and drama and show me some more clothes!!!!

  • Jillian: I agree with the win for this team. I thought their collection was the most cohesive and did the best job of interpreting the trends. I was surprised by how much I liked Jillian’s overalls look.
  • Rami: his dress was the least interesting of the three looks, but very well executed and a good fit with the others. Plus, he did a good job of updating the poodle skirt idea.
  •  Kevin: I loved the shorts and top look. Nicely done; interesting but wearable.
  • Christian: I thought his team did a good job. I don’t think their looks were quite as cohesive (the colors were, but not the styles) and I really didn’t see the trends they were supposed to be updating. Maybe it’s just the combination of the color palette with the tv camera, but where were the pleather and fringe? And there really wasn’t anything zoot-y about the suit. Christian’s suit jacket seemed to have a slightly odd fit, but otherwise I can’t fault it.
  • Kit: I like the outfit, but I think the prints in the black and white palette just got muddied on screen.
  • Jack: cute basic dress and leggings. Probably the most wearable of the 3 looks for this team.
  • Chris’s team: really the only unifying element of this team was the color palette, and even that wasn’t done very well. Chris’s jacket was just awful. The dress underneath was nicely constructed, but nothing special and certainly not good enough to save it from the jacket. The interpretation of the shoulder pads trend was too literal and the fabric choice was just wrong.
  • Sweet P: I loved her dress. It was a fantastic interpretation of the baggy sweater trend, and it’s totally wearable. Great look, great texture. If it had been an individual challenge, she would have been a contender for the top spot. I thought it was funny that Donna Karan was the guest judge as this look was very reminiscent of DK style.
  • Steven: where was the design in this outfit? It looked like pajamas.
  • Ricky’s team: totally underwhelming. The collection didn’t hang together. In my opinion, these three designers had the easiest set of trends to combine, and they blew it. Ricky’s dress was not a great design, but he could have done a better job with it.
  • Victorya: Victorya’s dress and Ricky’s both looked to me like someone’s sketches for a new Wonder Woman costume. And I really didn’t think Victorya’s construction was as good as she’s capable of.
  • Elisa: probably the best of the three dresses, but also the simplest and the one that stood out most from the other two.

All in all, I was interested by the challenge but really hope to see more fashion in the future.