Pretty good challenge this week; PR seems to like these challenges where the task really isn’t evenly weighted. So much was determined by the clothes the models brought with them. Even so, design is a creative endeavor. Quit whining and show me what you can do!

  • Sweet P: cute dress, but nothing special. She had a lot of fabric to work with and maybe could have done something more interesting.
  • Jillian: attractive dress, although I didn’t love it as much as the judges seemed to. I was surprised she got away with using so little of the original fabric – that didn’t seem very fair.
  • Ricky: cute, wearable. Basically, he took the same pieces and gave them shape. It wasn’t innovative, but it was well done.
  • Chris: I think Chris is this season’s Kayne. He’s capable of doing good work, but he needs to learn to edit himself.
  • Christian: I loved this outfit. I would wear it, and yet it totally looked like Christian’s style to me. I think he deserved the win.
  • Victorya: this dress looked pretty “mother of the bride” to me.  I know she was limited in her materials, but nothing about this looked like Victorya’s style to me.
  • Elisa: take out the middle layer and you have a passable outfit. The long tunic bisected her model at the wrong place and added bulk. Not flattering.
  • Kit: not a bad dress, and I liked how she used the original fabric, but it didn’t wow me. It looked like something you could buy at Forever 21.
  • Kevin: I really liked what he did with the top. Leggings were a safe but boring choice. Still, he did a good job of reusing the original materials.
  • Steven: poorly conceived and poorly constructed. I honestly think Steven gave up as soon as he saw that he’d have to work on the wedding dress. He definitely had the most challenging outfit, but I really think he could have done much more with it. And the dress that he did make was so simple that there was no excuse for not finishing.
  • Rami: very attractive and wearable outfit, and a great use of the materials. I would have rated his outfit higher than Jillian’s and it was more to my taste than Kevin’s – he should have been in the top 3.

As far as Jack is concerned, I’m guessing that he’ll show up in the cast for the next season. Just a hunch…