Runway’s back! Hurray! I’ve been having withdrawals for the past 2 weeks. This week’s challenge was pretty good – I enjoy the unconventional materials challenges (as long as there aren’t too many) because it forces the designers to be creative in different ways. But dude, over-the-top product placement in the materials this week. Lame.

  • Ricky: I have mixed feelings about this one. The design was well-executed. I’m not a fan of bubble skirts – they always make the body proportions look weird, even on skinny models. Ricky’s design was costumey, and too literal – his model just looked like a big Hershey’s kiss. Even so, it was one of the more interesting things he’s done.
  •  Chris: this was one of the most wearable designs. I liked it. I agree with the judges here – Chris did a really good job of reining in his theatricality on this challenge and came through with a very successful design.
  • Kit: to me Kit was trying to achieve something similar to Rami, but with less success. I like the idea of making a studded belt with rolos – it’s clever, but I’m not sure it worked with the proportions of the dress. Overall, this dress looked really busy to me in a way that Rami’s didn’t, and the color combination didn’t work for me.
  • Elisa: this dress was a mess. It wasn’t cute or flattering, and those sleeves – oy. Elisa is kooky but I liked her; she always handled criticism with aplomb, which few Runway designers can say.
  • Kevin: a little blah. I think when you go this straightforward with your design you have to be impeccable in the construction, and Kevin wasn’t quite there on this one. It wasn’t really bad, it just wasn’t great.
  • Christian: this was reminiscent of Michael’s coffee filter dress from Season 3, but not as interesting. The style of the dress was incredibly simple and I didn’t think the use of materials was special enough to bump him up into the top three.
  • Sweet P: lucky she didn’t get auf’d this week. I probably would have kicked her off over Elisa, for the sole reason that there really wasn’t any design sensibility in her dress at all. It was a nothing.
  • Rami: fantastic – glad he won. He did such a good job of taking wacky materials and making them look fabulous. Really flattering and well-made dress, but also very interesting with a lot of detail. My favorite by far.
  • Jillian: kudos to Jillian for pulling off the edible materials. I thought the dress looked pretty good standing still, but the top was so stiff that when the model was walking it moved against her rather than with her. Creative, definitely, but not very wearable.
  • Victorya: I didn’t dislike this as much as the judges did. Not her best work, but nowhere close to as bad as Sweet P and Elisa. I think she did herself a real disservice with that bizarre walk she asked her model to do. It just drew attention to the wrong things and made it look like the model was afraid the dress was going to fall apart. Weird.

Welcome back, Runway. I missed you.