Well, I thought that it would be all uphill after the candy bar challenge last week, but I guess I was wrong. The prom dress challenge this week made for a lot of uninspired design.

  • Sweet P: pretty dress, pretty color, definitely mature for high school. I thought the seams in the front made it pucker a little oddly, but overall I liked this dress a lot. It was very glamorous, but I just don’t think it showed enough of an individual style to get the win.
  • Victorya: I think Victorya did the best job of making something fun and age appropriate. I’m not a big fan of this style and I thought it made her model’s boobs look lopsided, but it was the best of the bunch this week.
  • Chris: another grown-up dress for a teen. And you know, I can’t fault the designers too much for that – I’m sure almost all teens want to look older than they are. On my tv the color of this dress was a little more subdued, but in the photos it’s more of a bright chartreuse, which I actually like a lot – it brings a little more youth to the design (and acutally a little more Chris to the design as well). Pretty dress, but again, not unique enough – it could have been done by anybody.
  • Kevin: he just missed the boat on this one. I don’t think the color would have been a problem if the design was better. There was nothing about that dress that said “prom” to me, and it didn’t fit his model very well. I have to agree with the judges that it looked really cheap and tacky.
  • Jillian: we didn’t get to see much of her dress on the show, and looking at a picture doesn’t give me much either. Kind-of mermaid-y.
  • Christian: dude, get over yourself. He had the elements to make a fine dress, in fact, I think he could have pulled off something really spunky and cute and different, but he blew it. I don’t care if your client is “difficult,” there’s no excuse for how that dress looked, especially in the back. Quit whining, suck it up, do the work for Pete’s sake. The more I look at the picture, the angrier I get, because it’s just sloppy. And the only reason it was sloppy is that Christian was pitching a fit.
  • Kit: I give her credit for going for a youthful color and style, but I thought the halter straps going to the waistband had a suspender look which I didn’t much care for, and the color stripes made me think circus tent.
  • Ricky: from a few close-ups they showed I suspect this dress had more detail going on than we could see; the color and design combination definitely didn’t read well on camera, but my biggest objection to this dress was that it looked really stiff when she was walking. It looks like it should move, but it doesn’t.
  • Rami: I liked the dress from the front, although the back was a little less flattering. I think he would have done better with a different color choice. I don’t think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be, and it really did sound to me like he gave his client what she wanted, but I think he probably could have done his signature draping in a younger style.

Well, I’m glad that’s over with. Hoping for something better next week.