Excellent challenge this week – finally! I loved that they got to do an avant garde look, I loved that they had to interpret it for ready-to-wear. I’m not wild about team challenges, but I can deal with it in a situation like this.

  • Rami & Sweet P: I really liked Sweet P’s ready-to-wear dress. Cute, wearable, but still interesting. As for Rami – dude, enough!  Show us something we haven’t seen before or get off the show! Two big problems with his outfit: he’s done it before, and it just didn’t meet the challenge. There was nothing avant garde about the dress he sent down the runway. I know he has talent, but I’m tired of talented people getting a pass when they screw up, and he did.
  • Christian and Chris: fabulous! I loved that they used both of their strengths and created something that was really interesting and still very beautiful. I’m amazed that they were able to pack 45 yards of fabric into that dress without making the model look like a mountain. Loved it. The ready-to-wear look was cute, the blouse was interesting, but obviously the star of this show was the avant garde look.
  • Kit & Ricky: I am sad to see Kit go – I feel like she had a lot of potential, and I would much rather see her continuing on than Sweet P or Ricky. I did not like her dress at all – it just looked like a big pastry to me –  but I thought she made a better attempt at avant garde than Rami did. Ricky’s ready-to-wear dress was just a dud. Meh.
  • Victorya and Jillian: I completely loved their main outfit – the trench was fantastic and I really liked the ensemble underneath. Even their ready-t0-wear dress had more going on than I was expecting, but I don’t think it was quite as successful as an interpretation of their main look – it really lost the punk edge. Even so, they were a strong contender for the win.

This was a tough call in the judging. I gave the edge to Christian and Chris because I think they went farther with the avant-garde look and were really successful with it, but I loved both of the top two looks a lot. As far as the losers, I’m conflicted. Rami’s design was more workable, but didn’t meet the challenge and was really lackluster, considering the competition. Kit’s was a failure, but more adventurous. I started the season really liking Rami, but now I’m bored with him. He needs to show some range. At this point I don’t have a real favorite, so I’m just hoping we see more great challenges.