Lia, Kris & GenesisI had a lovely time at the Jane Austen Evening last night. It’s an annual event in Pasadena – My friend Kris and I have been going for about 7 years now, I think, and her friend Lia joined us last night. People dress up, mostly in Regency-era costume, but with some modern dress or other historical periods mixed in here and there. There’s live music, and we dance English Country Dances – if you’ve ever seen any of the film adaptations of Austen novels you’d recognize the dancing. It’s got a pretty low threshold for newcomers – if you can walk and know your right from left you can do the easy dances, and the intermediate dances aren’t too much more difficult.

Monrovia ECD groupThis year’s highlights: several new dances; I made a new dress that actually fit properly; I met some new people; saw some acquaintances from years past; sewed a friend into a dress with a broken zipper; danced my first advanced dance without making a total hash of it; and danced every dance in the final set to end on a high note.