So this week’s challenge was to create an iconic Levi’s look out of…Levi’s. Okaaaaaaaay. It doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for inspiration, as I think the designers proved.

  • Christian: the kid’s attitude bugs me, but he gets the win in my book. The outfit is very Christian – he has a consistent viewpoint, but he’s showing more variety than, say, Rami. I really like what he did with the jeans. I wasn’t in love with the jacket, but I still think it was the best thing going this week.
  • Chris: his garment was nicely constructed, but I agree with the judges that it had a dated look and to me it just lost something in the taste department.
  • Ricky: I’m sorry, this dress got the win? Give me a flippin’ break! It’s a cute little dress, but there’s not much to it. I didn’t think it stood out from the competition at all.
  • Rami: I didn’t like this outfit. Zipper trim was done to much better effect by Jeffrey last season, and I thought this outfit also looked dated. Plus, the proportions were weird. I think the judges were so wowed by the fact that Rami didn’t drape that they were blinded to the actual garments.
  • Victorya: I think she has more talent than some of the remaining designers, but come on! I look at that trench and I cannot for the life of me figure out what she spent her time on. That’s a one or two hour project, at most. Take a jean jacket, add a skirt, change the collar. I expected much better from Victorya and I thought she deserved to go home on this one.
  • Sweet P: she is showing herself to be very capable at designing cute, wearable dresses. I’m not sure she has much range, but I was surprised at how well she pulled this one off. Even though I’m not a fan of patchwork and multi-colored denim looks, I liked this dress. Again, though, it’s just a cute dress. I’m not wowed by the design.
  • Jillian: I really think she and Victorya both took a big risk by doing something so close to what they did last week. This coat didn’t work for me, but it was at least more ambitious than Victorya’s.

Last week’s challenge was so great that I can’t help feeling let down this week. Overall the designs were pretty unexciting. Meh.