I was so dispirited by last night’s episode that I couldn’t summon up the energy to do an evaluation of each costume, and I’m still not going to bother. I’ve been largely uninspired by this season of Project Runway, and I’m worried that last night may prove to be the moment when the show jumped the shark. I’m sorry, but there’s just nothing about that challenge that has to do with fashion. It was stupid. How can you even pick a winner from those ridiculous costumes? What are the criteria? Again, nothing to do with fashion.

I’m not sad to see Ricky go, but he didn’t deserve it based on last night’s challenge. Yes, his costume looked like a bathing suit and the cover-up was a joke. It still wasn’t the worst outfit up there. If you’re going on the basis of the designs, I probably would have sent Rami home. The judging on this show is becoming a total joke. At least keep up the pretense that it has something to do with the clothes on the runway. I can accept that the judges and I might not see eye to eye, but some of the decisions are becoming blatantly ridiculous and I’m just frustrated.

Win me back, Runway. There’s still hope.