Well, Runway made it back into my good graces (for now, anyway)! I really liked the challenge this week. It actually had to do with fashion – imagine that.

  • Chris made a striking and gorgeous gown, and I thought it was a very well-done interpretation of the painting he chose. Yes, it was too reminiscent of the design he did with Christian. While it wouldn’t be uncommon in a fashion show to see several interpretations of the same striking element, in a competition like this one it’s more important to show range.
  • Christian amazed me by making several pieces with really impeccable workmanship. I agree with his win here 100%, and I think more than any of the other designers this season he’s shown his ability to meet challenges and keep his own aesthetic at the same time. He’s definitely had some misses, but my money’s on him to produce a really cohesive collection that shows his point of view and is still interesting. His outfit was fantastic – a very clear nod to the painting, but he made it his own. Very cool.
  • Rami – yawn. Based on this challenge he should have gone home along with Sweet P. Whether or not he CAN do anything besides drape is immaterial, since he obviously won’t. He was my early favorite this season, but I lost interest awhile ago. I really think he should have chosen something else for his inspiration and tried to stretch. Big mistake. I know he has skill, but I’m still kind-of pissed that he’s moving on in the competition as he shows no desire to grow.
  • Sweet P’s dress was clearly the weakest this week, and that was pretty much what I expected. She does a really nice job making wearable dresses (although this week’s wasn’t that great), but I don’t think she has a strong vision as a designer.
  • Jillian’s outfit didn’t bowl me over, but I liked it a lot. I thought she did a great job of interpreting her art piece and making it her own. It wasn’t as creative as Christian’s look, but very well done. I’m excited to see her collection at Bryant Park. I haven’t loved all of her pieces this season but she’s wowed me a few times, and her designs are generally more wearable than Christian’s.

Right now I’m betting that the real competition is between Christian and Jillian, and I expect Christian to take the win. Jillian could pull it off, though…