I’m almost afraid to write about this for fear of jinxing it, but we have finally embarked on a kitchen remodel. We’ve been talking about redoing our kitchen almost since we moved into our house (a little over 10 years ago), and we just started the first phase of the project which is removing a load-bearing wall between the kitchen and living room so that we can have an open-plan kitchen, living and dining area.

Eric under the houseIt’s going to be a major ordeal. In order to remove the wall, we have to put a new beam in the ceiling, and we have to pour a new concrete footing under the house to support the column that will support one end of the beam. Eric’s been digging the hole for the new footing, and in order to facilitate that process he cut through the floor of our coat closet which is conveniently right above where the footing needs to go. This way he can at least sit up part of the time that he’s digging. He also threw down a carpet scrap to keep the dust down and make it a little more comfortable down there – although comfort is relative when you’re digging in a 2 foot crawl space and hauling dirt out in buckets…

empty wallYesterday when I got home from work, I found that Eric had moved an entire section of our kitchen into the dining room. We want to be able to use the kitchen for as long as we possibly can during the remodel process, so this was Eric’s solution. It may not make for the most efficient work triangle, but I think it’s pretty ingenious.

Dining room wallAnd so it begins…I’ll be carrying a tape measure in my purse for the next few months as we make our final decisions on appliances and so on. It’s fun and nerve-wracking at the same time – everything ties together and I worry that one wrong decision will screw up the whole process. I’m trying to just stay focused and not stress over it too much, but since we’re just at the beginning of the process I expect it to get more difficult as we move forward. I’ll post more pictures as we make progress. Wish us luck!