If the boring reunion episode didn’t satisfy your Project Runway jones for this week, head on over to the Bravo website for the Sew-not-over online challenge. 12 of this season’s designers (including all 4 finalists) did a 3-look collection and are competing for a $10,000 prize. Not sure why Victorya, Sweet P and Simone didn’t participate, but it’s a nice bonus to see these mini-collections.

  • Rami: kudos to Rami for not draping 3 dresses. I didn’t love his looks, but he did show more range which I was VERY happy to see. The 3rd look (dress) was probably my favorite – didn’t like the jacket in the 2nd look at all.
  • Jillian: her looks were well-executed, but not very cohesive as a collection and pretty forgettable over all. I hope this is not an indication of what we will see from her in the final (I have studiously avoided looking at any of the pics from fashion week online – it’s killing me!).
  • Kevin: meh. The first look was cute but simple, and I didn’t care much for the 2nd and 3rd looks.
  • Jack: he made 3 cute, wearable looks. I like most of what he did, but I don’t love any of it. There’s no sense of a design point of view, nothing to identify the designer at all. Very off-the-rack.
  • Carmen: her 3 looks were cohesive, but I thought the 1st (the ninja look) was pretty awful. What is Carmen’s obsession with the genie pants? Her other two looks were better – she could have punched up the colors a bit. Still, it was one of the more interesting and ambitious collections, so I give her props for that.
  • Marion: I thought Marion did a remarkably good collection, and I’m wishing he didn’t get auf’d so early in the season as it looks like he might have produced something really interesting. I didn’t love everything about it, but it had a strong, unified aesthetic, and I freaking LOVED the feather skirt in his 3rd look – definitely my favorite single piece from this challenge.
  • Elisa: for someone so kooky, she put out a really boring collection. There was no unity in her designs, and she didn’t use the opportunity to show anything new. Meh.
  • Ricky: didn’t care much for his collection, but OH LORDY I can’t believe he sent his models out in those stupid hats. Yeesh! The proportions on the first look were really unflattering. The second look was just trashy.
  • Christian: his collection definitely had some of his signature elements, but overall it was a softer and far more colorful collection than I was expecting. It was interesting, and I’m wondering if part of my negative reaction towards this collection had to do with the super skinny models in super tight, wildly patterned leggings. Leggings on someone so skinny just look a little wrong, and when you draw attention to them with so much color and pattern I think it emphasizes the wrongness. I wanted to stuff those girls with pasta and bagels.
  • Kit: I think Kit found a good balance between wearability and aesthetic. I really like her collection a lot. Her looks were definitely accessible without being ordinary. I loved the black skirt and sweater combo, and her LBD was really cute, with a lot of visual interest.
  • Steven: well, I guess Steven is a good dressmaker, but I’m not sure about his design abilities – he didn’t show anything that hasn’t been seen a gazillion times before. Pretty dresses, but a really boring collection.
  • Chris: hated the first look – terrible, unflattering proportions. The second look struck me as Chris trying to be Laura Bennet. The third look was a toned-down version of both the avant garde challenge and the art challenge – he really likes that asymmetrical proportion, I guess. I think I don’t like Chris toned down – I’d rather he fail spectacularly than fail by being boring.

Well, I hope Runway continues this trend in the future – any extra fashion they can squeeze into the season is okay by me, and it was a good way to supplement a pretty lame reunion show.