You know, after seeing three looks from both Rami and Chris, I was a little ambivalent about who should go on. I really liked elements of both collections, and thought they both missed on some points. However, based on the additional looks we saw during Tim’s visits I’d lean slightly more towards Rami. Having said that, I’m going to miss seeing Chris’s collection on next week’s show, because I’m sure it would be interesting if nothing else. I know he and Sweet P both got to show at Bryant Park, so I’m going to look at those collections online after the finale – hurray for the Internet!

  • Rami: I didn’t care much for the coat – it was just overdone. The dress underneath looked pretty, but simple. I loved the second look, though. I thought his final dress was very pretty, but you could kind-of tell it was designed on a mannequin instead of a human – it looked rather unwieldy coming down the runway. I confess I didn’t even notice the hip detail until the judges pointed it out, but looking at pictures I think that Michael Kors was right and it really widens the hips. I was happy to see some different techniques from Rami and I’m sure his collection will be very accomplished technically, but I don’t know if it will wow me.
  • Chris: okay, put aside the human hair thing for a minute. If I didn’t know it was human hair I’d never guess. From Tim’s visit it was looking like he overused it, but in the looks he showed on the runway it seemed to work reasonably well – not that I’d want to wear something that hairy, no matter what it’s actually made of. The first look was interesting, but I think had a little too much going on. The proportions weren’t quite right, but it was definitely creative without being too far out there. His second look was a very simple style, but the way he used the trim punched it up a lot. The third dress showed a pretty interesting use of materials (other than human hair), but it was really obvious the model couldn’t walk in it. Overall I think Chris did a good job of using his theatricality without getting too campy.

Oh, and a couple of other things:

  1. I’m dying to trim Heidi’s bangs.
  2. What the heck was Jillian wearing on her head?