I’m still in the throes of implementation for our new Integrated Library System software (we don’t go live until July). I’m really amazed at just how consuming it is. Even when I’m off duty, I’m thinking about it. I’m losing track of other details and things I should be or want to be thinking about. I missed the Masterpiece Theater Sense and Sensibility because I was going out and completely forgot to record it – both parts! I had it on my calendar and everything. Such a bummer. At a time like this I’d ordinarily be reading light, escapist stuff to take my mind off work, but I have assigned reading for the Eureka Leadership Institute, so even that is mostly work-related.

I needed some good veg time, so this weekend I brought home Season 1 of Dr. Who on DVD. I’d caught a couple of recent episodes on the SciFi Channel and liked them, so I figured it would be good to start at the beginning (at least, the beginning of the current run). I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s got spaceships, aliens, time-travel, and saving the world, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper are really good, although some of the supporting actors go overboard with the cheese. The episodes I saw on tv have another actor in the role of the Doctor, but I haven’t reached that point in the series yet. The production values are a funny mix of high and low; in one episode the Slitheen are computer-generated when shown from a distance, and they move with speed and agility. When shown in close-up they appear to be people in rubber suits, and speed and agility disappear. It’s awesome, and exactly the kind of thing I need to distract me from data profile evaluation.