Woohoo! Runway is back! I feel like the Runway gods changed the time slot to 9:00 just for me. Staying up to 11:00 these days just isn’t happening.

So, on to the show. Challenge – eh. I’d prefer something new, but I’d rather revisit interesting challenges from the past than have a crappy new challenge. Still, I don’t care too much for the challenges with wacky materials because I don’t think they show the designers’ abilities in real-world situations. I know the list of challenges for the whole season has been posted online, but I am avoiding the spoilers because I like the surprise each episode.

I know that Tim made a big deal about so many people using tablecloths, but that didn’t really backfire on anyone. Still, it was disappointing to see so many people take a safe and easy route.

  • Kenley: not a bad dress – hard to tell how well it moved. Looked like the top could have been fitted better.
  • Terri: boring skirt, which detracted from the creative use of material on the top. The design didn’t bowl me over, but I thought she did a nice job of using an unconventional material to make something wearable.
  • Suede: terrible name AND refers to himself in the 3rd person – 2 strikes. Strike 3 is that ugly, tacky, cheap-ass dress. Hope you go home early, Suede.
  • Emily: I thought the embellishment looked like an Easter basket, but the overall look wasn’t too bad.
  • Leanne: for a tablecloth dress, it was pretty stiff and seemed bulky – adding all that candy made it harder to wear and move in.
  • Jennifer: I just thought this was boring. It looked like it was well-executed, but it needed some color or something to make it stand out.
  • Jerell: this dress just looked like a costume to me – not as over-the-top as some of the things from seasons past, but really something you’d see in a dance recital.
  • Keith: nothing innovative here. He took the easy route. He can certainly construct a garment, but I hope to see more creativity.
  • Wesley: I think some of the detail in this dress gets lost because it’s all one color. Nothing really exciting here, but some nice use of materials in the detailing.
  • Joe: I really didn’t like this – he stretched a little in his use of materials, but it reminded me of a cheap and tacky theme restaurant.
  • Korto: my favorite of all the tablecloths. She constructed and styled the garment really nicely. Clothes made out of real food gross me out, but I liked her use of color a lot.
  • Daniel: great use of materials, boring style. He has potential, though.
  • Blayne: oh, lord, the hideousness! Yes, it was more creative than a lot of the other garments, but he didn’t pull it off. I hope we don’t have another Vincent on our hands. Being kooky isn’t enough.
  • Jerry: I hated this outfit, although I suspect he would have had better luck if he had used more colorful materials. As it was, it looked like a hazmat suit gone wrong, and he didn’t help himself styling it with rubber gloves.
  • Kelli: although I didn’t love the coffee filter bust, I really liked this garment overall. Very nice use of materials – loved the way she made the skirt fabric. Reminded me of Jeffrey’s trompe l’oeil newspaper dress from Season 3.
  • Stella: I probably would have sent her home over Jerry – I thought his design was more innovative, even though it was a failure. She lacked creativity in both her design and her choice of materials, and the dress looked like she threw it together in 5 minutes. Totally amateur.

All in all I think there are a few interesting people to watch, but I really hope they get some good challenges that allow them to show their own perspective and not just the ability to MacGyver garments out of paper clips and chewing gum.