This week’s challenge was pretty straightforward, but one of the things I love about challenges like this one is that the designers really have no one but themselves to blame if they blow it. It’s their own inspiration, they make all the choices. They have to execute their own design. In theory, you should get a better sense of the designers from challenges like this.

  • Blayne- this dude has some serious taste issues. I still can’t figure out how this hideous rainbow monstrosity wasn’t in the bottom 3.
  • Daniel – I liked this dress, but it didn’t wow me. I’m still not wild about assymetrical designs, and this one didn’t really sway me. I liked the fabric better when I saw it on the runway than I do looking at photos – it looks a little too shiny and verging on cheap in the photos.
  • Emily – I don’t care how much you liked your dress, Emily, it was hideous. No woman in her right mind would go out of the house in that. Ugly and unflattering.
  • Jennifer – maybe I have pregnancy on the brain right now, but something about the proportions of Jennifer’s dress made me think maternity. And the hemming was awful.
  • Jerell – here’s a more successful Carmen Miranda interpretation – tone down the color and it doesn’t look so costumey. However, this is really more of a red carpet dress than a night on the town dress. Who wears a train to a club? Disaster.
  • Joe – yawn. A little too literal in the interpretation of his photo, and the dress is just boring – not even dramatic enough to draw a big negative.
  • Keith – I think this dress was too shapeless, and I don’t think the colors did him any favors. I would have put Blayne in the bottom 3 over Keith, though.
  • Kelli – definitely not my taste. This outfit struck me as the type of thing Stella should be trying to do, but I think Kelli can do better. Just too much happening in that top.
  • Kenley – I wouldn’t have picked this for the win. I think she executed her design really well, although I don’t think it had anything to do with the photo she chose. I didn’t care for the print at all and the colors were too Miami for my taste.
  • Korto – I liked this outfit and I think it’s really wearable, but it doesn’t show much in the way of imagination.
  • Leanne – I really, really liked this. The skirt was gorgeous, and I thought she balanced it nicely with the top, although it might have been more interesting to see the top in a different color. Huge improvement over last week.
  • Stella – I think her design perspective is just SOOOOO narrow – I really don’t care if I ever see another garment by Stella. Prove you can do something else or get off the show.
  • Suede – Eh. It’s a shirtdress. Looked like it had some fit issues, too.
  • Terri – I loved the style of this garment. I didn’t love the fabric she chose, and the cuffs are a little weird. If she had chosen a different print, it would have worked a lot better (at least for my taste). Still, Terri is definitely on my list of designers to watch.