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So, once again life has intervened and I’m late posting about the show. My sister and her kids are visiting, so I haven’t had much computer time. However, it was really fun to be able to watch the show with my sister rather than have to debrief over the phone the next day. So, on to the clothes…

  • Blayne: I didn’t think he deserved to be in the bottom 3. His concept was good, it was just a bit off in the execution. I didn’t love the skirt part, but it didn’t remind me of a car wash. I would have liked the top if it had actually fit the model.
  • Jerrell: not bad, but the skirt was too tight to be so short. I don’t know what the hell Michael Kors was thinking calling it “wearable” – if you can’t sit down in it, it’s not wearable.
  • Joe: is lucky he had immunity. His dress was ugly and poorly fitted. I didn’t care for it at all.
  • Keith: I just want to know what the hell Keith thought was innovative about this outfit? Boring and poorly executed. I’m not sad to see him go.
  • Kenley: eh. The materials weren’t great for her – the peplum was way too stiff, so the whole thing just looked artificial and difficult to wear. The design wasn’t very exciting either.
  • Korto: fabulous coat. When she said she was going to weave the seatbelts into fabric, I pictured one of those seatbelt totes, which I have always hated. I was expecting a disaster. Korto pulled it off, though – her coat was gorgeous and she made the fabric work for her. I loved it.
  • Leanne: I was rooting for Leanne to get the win, because I thought her use of the materials was by far the most innovative, and she pulled off a really interesting and unusual design. Excellent work – I loved what she did with the seatbelt trim, and I even liked the shape of the dress, which is not something I would usually go for. It just proves how much things can vary between concept and execution.
  • Stella: the design was boring, and the execution was poor. I was surprised to see something so boring from her.
  • Suede: intriguing use of materials on the top of the dress, but in style it was too much of a repeat of past work, and I thought the skirt was tacky – it looked like a cheap cheerleader pom pom.
  • Terri: this outfit wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t innovative. This is actually closer to what I would have expected from Stella.

So, next week, Diane Von Furstenberg – love her stuff, but it could make for a boring challenge. We shall see…


I know this is boring, but I always prefer challenges that have more to do with the kind of fashion you might actually see on the runway. The costumey challenges are fun to watch, but just don’t have that much to do with being a great fashion designer. Still, I was curious to see what the designers came up with when they actually had a mandate to be over-the-top.

  • Blayne: I really didn’t like this look, but I think Blayne did a good job of choosing a client who could deal with his aesthetic. The wings were just sad, and without the wings the dress was just a cheap-looking sequined number.
  • Daniel: I wasn’t sad to see him go. It wasn’t the worst thing he’s made on this show, but talk about missing the boat on the challenge again. Yeesh! Boring dress, terrible choice of fabric. Bye, bye, whiner!
  • Jerell: I think he really missed the boat on what his client asked for. If the dress was shorter, it might have worked for another drag queen, but his model specifically stated that she was about classic glamour and not gimicky. Most of this look didn’t work for me, particularly the color combination.
  • Joe: I don’t think I would have given him the win, but he pretty much nailed the challenge and gave his client what she wanted. I thought it was just the right level of over-the-topness.
  • Keith: I get the Tina Turner influence, but this look was just sort-of boring. I think if you’re creating a stage look it needs to be more of a show-stopper. There just wasn’t enough definition in the shape.
  • Kenley: This was a perfectly appropriate drag look, and fit the style of her model, but was honestly a little boring. Plus, what the hell was going on with the zipper in the back? It looked to me like she sewed the zipper on the outside of the dress by mistake.
  • Korto: I would have given Korto the win. Great costume, perfect for her model, creative touches – she’s another one who really nailed the challenge.
  • Leanne: I felt bad for Stella when Leanne chose Sharon Needles as her model. I don’t think her Jetson’s-style outfit was a good choice for that persona, and if she and Stella had swapped they both would have had more success. There was definitely drama in the outfit, but it was a little busy. I didn’t get enough of a look to see for sure, but it looked to me like there may have been some fit issues as well.
  • Stella: again, not the best style choice for her model. I felt like she ignored what her model wanted and made what she wanted to make. It wasn’t a terrible outfit, but I don’t think it was a success, either. Probably would have been much better on Sharon.
  • Suede: how much can you do with that green palette? I didn’t care for this look, but it actually turned out better than I expected. I agreed with Hedda about the gloves, though – they did have a godzilla look to them.
  • Terri: I was intrigued by her design, but ultimately I didn’t feel it was totally successful – there was so much going on that the overall look was a little muddy to me. I like the attempt, though, and I think she did the best job of taking the drag queen challenge in a more fashionable direction.

I was honestly surprised not to see more really wacky stuff in this challenge. I would have loved to see some of the ingenuity that Chris March showed in his portfolio from last season – I know the time constraints had something to do with that, but I still think more could have been done.

As demanded, here is a picture of my pregnant belly at about 19 weeks. I hope you’re satisfied, Victoria!

Team challenges are never my favorite. I know they do it because it creates more drama and tension in the workroom, but I’d always rather see more designs. Oh well. I haven’t seen Lipstick Jungle, so I’m basing my sense of appropriateness on what little I saw of the dossier.

  • Blayne and Leanne: This wasn’t a terrible look, it was just wrong for the challenge. It doesn’t work for the office and it certainly doesn’t work for evening, even in LA. Way too casual. And I thought the vest was weird and pointless.
  • Kelli and Daniel: so wrong. I think Kelli has more range than say, Stella, but she still needs to be careful in applying her own taste to the challenges. This look was just tacky – not at all appropriate for what we saw of the character. It was definitely the biggest miss this week, so I think Kelli deserved to go home. P.S. Daniel, stop whining.
  • Jerrell and Stella: I thought this look really worked for day or night in an LA setting – might not work everywhere, but it would work in LA. This is the kind of thing I’d like to see more of from Stella, if she can really nail a challenge and still incorporate some of her own style and taste. She and Jerrell were a surprisingly effective match. Jerrell did a nice job of reining in some of his wilder tendencies. With the fabric choices it’s not something I’d wear personally, but I liked the style and thought it was appropriate to the challenge.
  • Korto and Joe: the dress wasn’t fitted properly – it looked like it was shifting around a lot on the model. I didn’t mind the color of the jacket, despite Tim’s sweet potato comment, but I thought the sleeves would be hard for a professional woman to pull off.
  • Keith and Kenley: I liked this design, even though I don’t think it works as office wear. There was visual interest in the skirt without it being too bulky. I don’t really think the sleeve variation added anything, either, except some awkward business at the end of the runway.
  • Terri and Suede: this outfit wasn’t terrible, but it’s not what I picture for Brooke Shields. The pants are too skinny, and I’m not wild about the print on the top. Again, it’s really not office wear, but it could make the day to night transition in LA.

And next week, another gimicky challenge!

So, we have a house guest right now, and our computer is in the guest room, so I haven’t been able to blog. That’s my excuse. Now, on to other things…

The show was kind-of funny. I can’t say I’m surprised to see an Olympic tie-in on Bravo, and I guess it’s better than a professional wrestling challenge (you and me both, Jerrell), but the results were pretty bad. Most of the designers had no idea how to dress athletes. Yes, the fact that it’s the opening ceremonies gives you a bit of leeway, but come on! Some of those choices were just ridiculous. And I’ll just add the caveat that I’m not a fan of red, white, and blue together – it’s hard to avoid looking like you’re going to a 4th of July picnic. I’m making allowances for this challenge because I think the colors are a necessary part of it, and I think a couple of the designers did a really nice job with that. As for everyone else, well…

  • Blayne: is it just me, or do his color stripes look pink and aqua instead of red and blue? Another dreaded assymetrical look, and I just don’t like the style of this one, although I give him credit for getting a little closer to something an athlete might wear than some of the other designers.
  • Daniel: poor choices all around. Poor choice of fabric, really stupid design for the challenge, unflattering dress. Even if it was appropriate to the challenge, I wouldn’t like this dress.
  • Jennifer: What this outfit had to do with 1) America, 2) Olympic athletes, and 3) surrealism, I will never know. It was well-made, but just so wrong.
  • Jerrell: sheesh, what a costume! Lose the hat and it’s not a bad look, but so, so wrong for the challenge. The proportions are wrong for athletes, who often have really developed thighs and glutes and will not be looking their best in a pencil skirt.
  • Joe: I didn’t like this one nearly as much as the judges did. I give him credit for getting the athlete part, but where is the fashion in this outfit? Plus, there were some construction issues. The skort was a little bizarre – too much length, and didn’t quite go far enough around. The bottom edges of the jacket didn’t line up, either. So, appropriate, but uninspiring.
  • Keith: meh. I didn’t like the proportions in this outfit. When he was working on it, I thought he might pull off something interesting with the skirt, but I didn’t care for the finished product. It’s a little sportier than some of the other designs, but I still don’t see athletes in this outfit.
  • Kelli: another look that might have worked under other circumstances. It’s kind-of a country look, which surprises me coming from Kelli.
  • Kenley: just using blue and white does not make your outfit look “American.” This outfit is totally inappropriate for the challenge, and like Jerell’s outfit the proportions are wrong for athletic bodies.
  • Korto: the design was a touch simple for my taste, but beautifully executed. I loved the construction on the pants and the soft drape of the vest. She did get the balance between athletic and fashionable. A very successful design.
  • Leanne: she gets a little closer on the athlete part of the task, but I still don’t care for this. The detail around the neck wasn’t balanced by anything else in the design and feels like an add-on.
  • Stella: using black was just wrong, the sleeve detail was ugly, her trim used silver instead of white, and showing the belly button was SOOOOO tacky. Plus, what the hell was she thinking with those shoes? Yeesh!
  • Suede: style-wise, this looked pretty similar to his winning dress from the green fabrics challenge, but the overall impression I got was “cheerleader.” Not exactly what the judges were looking for.
  • Terri: I totally loved this outfit. It’s not as athletic as Korto’s, but completely appropriate for opening ceremonies (take a gander at Ralph Lauren’s opening ceremonies design and see how close she came!) The top underneath looked like it was falling down a bit, but look-wise I really think she nailed this challenge.

As a final note, was anyone else disappointed that they gave away the special guest for the next episode in the previews at the end? I know they published a list of guests and challenges at the beginning of the season, but I’ve avoided looking at it because I like the surprise. Bummer, Bravo.

I don’t have access to my computer tonight, so I’m testing the wordpress app on my iPhone and will blog tonight’s episode tomorrow.