So, we have a house guest right now, and our computer is in the guest room, so I haven’t been able to blog. That’s my excuse. Now, on to other things…

The show was kind-of funny. I can’t say I’m surprised to see an Olympic tie-in on Bravo, and I guess it’s better than a professional wrestling challenge (you and me both, Jerrell), but the results were pretty bad. Most of the designers had no idea how to dress athletes. Yes, the fact that it’s the opening ceremonies gives you a bit of leeway, but come on! Some of those choices were just ridiculous. And I’ll just add the caveat that I’m not a fan of red, white, and blue together – it’s hard to avoid looking like you’re going to a 4th of July picnic. I’m making allowances for this challenge because I think the colors are a necessary part of it, and I think a couple of the designers did a really nice job with that. As for everyone else, well…

  • Blayne: is it just me, or do his color stripes look pink and aqua instead of red and blue? Another dreaded assymetrical look, and I just don’t like the style of this one, although I give him credit for getting a little closer to something an athlete might wear than some of the other designers.
  • Daniel: poor choices all around. Poor choice of fabric, really stupid design for the challenge, unflattering dress. Even if it was appropriate to the challenge, I wouldn’t like this dress.
  • Jennifer: What this outfit had to do with 1) America, 2) Olympic athletes, and 3) surrealism, I will never know. It was well-made, but just so wrong.
  • Jerrell: sheesh, what a costume! Lose the hat and it’s not a bad look, but so, so wrong for the challenge. The proportions are wrong for athletes, who often have really developed thighs and glutes and will not be looking their best in a pencil skirt.
  • Joe: I didn’t like this one nearly as much as the judges did. I give him credit for getting the athlete part, but where is the fashion in this outfit? Plus, there were some construction issues. The skort was a little bizarre – too much length, and didn’t quite go far enough around. The bottom edges of the jacket didn’t line up, either. So, appropriate, but uninspiring.
  • Keith: meh. I didn’t like the proportions in this outfit. When he was working on it, I thought he might pull off something interesting with the skirt, but I didn’t care for the finished product. It’s a little sportier than some of the other designs, but I still don’t see athletes in this outfit.
  • Kelli: another look that might have worked under other circumstances. It’s kind-of a country look, which surprises me coming from Kelli.
  • Kenley: just using blue and white does not make your outfit look “American.” This outfit is totally inappropriate for the challenge, and like Jerell’s outfit the proportions are wrong for athletic bodies.
  • Korto: the design was a touch simple for my taste, but beautifully executed. I loved the construction on the pants and the soft drape of the vest. She did get the balance between athletic and fashionable. A very successful design.
  • Leanne: she gets a little closer on the athlete part of the task, but I still don’t care for this. The detail around the neck wasn’t balanced by anything else in the design and feels like an add-on.
  • Stella: using black was just wrong, the sleeve detail was ugly, her trim used silver instead of white, and showing the belly button was SOOOOO tacky. Plus, what the hell was she thinking with those shoes? Yeesh!
  • Suede: style-wise, this looked pretty similar to his winning dress from the green fabrics challenge, but the overall impression I got was “cheerleader.” Not exactly what the judges were looking for.
  • Terri: I totally loved this outfit. It’s not as athletic as Korto’s, but completely appropriate for opening ceremonies (take a gander at Ralph Lauren’s opening ceremonies design and see how close she came!) The top underneath looked like it was falling down a bit, but look-wise I really think she nailed this challenge.

As a final note, was anyone else disappointed that they gave away the special guest for the next episode in the previews at the end? I know they published a list of guests and challenges at the beginning of the season, but I’ve avoided looking at it because I like the surprise. Bummer, Bravo.