Team challenges are never my favorite. I know they do it because it creates more drama and tension in the workroom, but I’d always rather see more designs. Oh well. I haven’t seen Lipstick Jungle, so I’m basing my sense of appropriateness on what little I saw of the dossier.

  • Blayne and Leanne: This wasn’t a terrible look, it was just wrong for the challenge. It doesn’t work for the office and it certainly doesn’t work for evening, even in LA. Way too casual. And I thought the vest was weird and pointless.
  • Kelli and Daniel: so wrong. I think Kelli has more range than say, Stella, but she still needs to be careful in applying her own taste to the challenges. This look was just tacky – not at all appropriate for what we saw of the character. It was definitely the biggest miss this week, so I think Kelli deserved to go home. P.S. Daniel, stop whining.
  • Jerrell and Stella: I thought this look really worked for day or night in an LA setting – might not work everywhere, but it would work in LA. This is the kind of thing I’d like to see more of from Stella, if she can really nail a challenge and still incorporate some of her own style and taste. She and Jerrell were a surprisingly effective match. Jerrell did a nice job of reining in some of his wilder tendencies. With the fabric choices it’s not something I’d wear personally, but I liked the style and thought it was appropriate to the challenge.
  • Korto and Joe: the dress wasn’t fitted properly – it looked like it was shifting around a lot on the model. I didn’t mind the color of the jacket, despite Tim’s sweet potato comment, but I thought the sleeves would be hard for a professional woman to pull off.
  • Keith and Kenley: I liked this design, even though I don’t think it works as office wear. There was visual interest in the skirt without it being too bulky. I don’t really think the sleeve variation added anything, either, except some awkward business at the end of the runway.
  • Terri and Suede: this outfit wasn’t terrible, but it’s not what I picture for Brooke Shields. The pants are too skinny, and I’m not wild about the print on the top. Again, it’s really not office wear, but it could make the day to night transition in LA.

And next week, another gimicky challenge!