So, once again life has intervened and I’m late posting about the show. My sister and her kids are visiting, so I haven’t had much computer time. However, it was really fun to be able to watch the show with my sister rather than have to debrief over the phone the next day. So, on to the clothes…

  • Blayne: I didn’t think he deserved to be in the bottom 3. His concept was good, it was just a bit off in the execution. I didn’t love the skirt part, but it didn’t remind me of a car wash. I would have liked the top if it had actually fit the model.
  • Jerrell: not bad, but the skirt was too tight to be so short. I don’t know what the hell Michael Kors was thinking calling it “wearable” – if you can’t sit down in it, it’s not wearable.
  • Joe: is lucky he had immunity. His dress was ugly and poorly fitted. I didn’t care for it at all.
  • Keith: I just want to know what the hell Keith thought was innovative about this outfit? Boring and poorly executed. I’m not sad to see him go.
  • Kenley: eh. The materials weren’t great for her – the peplum was way too stiff, so the whole thing just looked artificial and difficult to wear. The design wasn’t very exciting either.
  • Korto: fabulous coat. When she said she was going to weave the seatbelts into fabric, I pictured one of those seatbelt totes, which I have always hated. I was expecting a disaster. Korto pulled it off, though – her coat was gorgeous and she made the fabric work for her. I loved it.
  • Leanne: I was rooting for Leanne to get the win, because I thought her use of the materials was by far the most innovative, and she pulled off a really interesting and unusual design. Excellent work – I loved what she did with the seatbelt trim, and I even liked the shape of the dress, which is not something I would usually go for. It just proves how much things can vary between concept and execution.
  • Stella: the design was boring, and the execution was poor. I was surprised to see something so boring from her.
  • Suede: intriguing use of materials on the top of the dress, but in style it was too much of a repeat of past work, and I thought the skirt was tacky – it looked like a cheap cheerleader pom pom.
  • Terri: this outfit wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t innovative. This is actually closer to what I would have expected from Stella.

So, next week, Diane Von Furstenberg – love her stuff, but it could make for a boring challenge. We shall see…