I enjoy these more straightforward challenges, because even though the designers are somewhat constrained, you get to see a bit more of what they might come up with on their own, if not limited to kooky materials. Diane Von Furstenberg has a generic enough style that I think you could hit a good look from a lot of different design angles.

  • Blayne: huh. I didn’t think his outfit was appropriate to the character – the jacket might have worked (although it made his model look bulky), but the cropped pants looked clowny to me.
  • Jerell: I didn’t much care for this look, either, and it wasn’t helped by the hat. This outfit just looked a little sloppy and muddy to me – the belt didn’t do enough to tighten up the look.
  • Joe: I hated this look and thought he should have gone home. It was terrible in the back as the judges all noted, but I didn’t like it from the front, either. The shawl was hideous and looked cheap, I didn’t like the mix of pinks, I didn’t like the fit on the top – bad all around.
  • Kenley: I just thought this was boring and I can’t see where all her time went. With a dress that simple, she really should have been able to pull off another piece. I’m surprised she was in the top two. And I wasn’t wild about her print, either.
  • Korto: I thought her look was interesting but not totally succesful – I didn’t think the proportions of the jacket quite worked with the dress, although I still think it was a better look than most of the ones on the runway.
  • Leanne: I would have been really angry if she didn’t win. I loved, loved, loved the dress and I thought the jacket was a nice contrast. I’m glad she listened to Tim and shortened that jacket – it made a huge difference. The gown was really beautiful and also had interesting detail without going overboard. Stunning.
  • Stella: I didn’t think her look was great, but I wouldn’t have sent her home over it. The execution was poor, and I think the cape was a bad choice, but I thought Joe’s outfit was worse.
  • Suede: this outfit looked really thrown together and thoughtless. The dress was not flattering, and the vest was just so wrong. Really bad combination.
  • Terri: the pants had some fit issues from what I could see. I didn’t love her choice of print. The jacket I liked, but I thought the whole look could have been a lot better with some tweaks. Not her best effort.

Well, right now, Leanne and Korto are definitely my front-runners. They are both doing some interesting work and setting themselves apart. Terri has potential but needs to step it up – ditto for Kenley. The guys have been too inconsistent – none of them are wowing me.