Interesting challenge – a defined inspiration that’s not too kooky. It could have been a real winner, but I was pretty underwhelmed.

  • Blayne: the judges pretty much said it all. Hideous. Bondage meets parade float.
  • Jerell: I liked the skirt and top a lot, but didn’t think it was very avant garde. The jacket looked like an old lady bed jacket.
  • Joe: there were elements of this dress that I liked a lot – I loved the colors and thought the construction on the top was interesting. I liked how it moved down the runway, but in the pictures it sort-of looks like she has fungus growing on her. Still, one of my top choices this week.
  • Korto: I really didn’t care for this look – it had a muumuu aspect to it and was a little too literal in the aquarius interpretation.
  • Leanne: I thought this was pretty cool – inspired by the sign but not overly literal. Leanne definitely used some elements she’s used before, but she made them look different enough to pull off the look.
  • Suede: an I Dream of Jeannie homage – nothing remotely avant garde about this look, and it just had a tackiness about it.
  • Terri: I thought the fur collar was too literal, but I don’t think what she ended up with was any improvement at all. It wasn’t avant garde. The model looked like Pocahontas wearing floaties.
  • Kenley: Oh, Lord, I hated this look. I don’t like the combination of fabrics at all and I hate the proportions. Plus, it was lopsided.

Overall – meh. Could have been worse, I guess, but it should have been a lot better.