Getting down to the wire and we still have some riffraff to clear out…not a bad challenge, although I thought involving the mothers was kind-of pointless. It seemed like they were just hoping to get extra drama out of that. Whatever – just show me some good designs!

  • Jerell: very nicely done. I liked this look a lot, I thought it was appropriate to her chosen profession and her personal style as well as Jerell’s.
  • Joe: glad to see him go. I just don’t see that he has any imagination at all – I honestly have NO idea what he’d send down the runway at Bryant Park, but neither do I have any curiosity about it. It was a poor choice, poorly executed. Dated and ugly.
  • Kenley: cute. For once I liked the print she chose, but there was nothing about this that wowed me. It was appropriate for her client, but I would have like to see something a little different.
  • Korto: my only real issue with this was that the proportions were off a little – didn’t quite flatter her client’s body. The dress needed to be a little longer, I think. But the jacket was beautifully done.
  • Leanne: a bit of a misstep, but not a total disaster. Again, the proportions (with the jacket on) didn’t suit her client’s body – it made her look short and stocky. The jacket MIGHT have worked on someone else, but it definitely wasn’t Leanne’s best work.
  • Suede: oh, Lord, that jacket was awful. Really dated, totally wrong with the dress, and just ugly. I liked the print of the dress, but didn’t get a good feel for the detail. The sleeves on that jacket were a nightmare.

So, we’re down to five, and no one is totally rocking my world right now. I think both Leanne and Korto are strong, and Jerell could pull off something really cool or totally crash and burn. They are the three I’d most like to see at Bryant Park.