Sorry for the delay in posting this. I didn’t get to watch the episode while I was on vacation, and once I had seen it I wasn’t too motivated to post – pretty underwhelming overall. By the way, I’ll try to post some vacation photos tomorrow.

This challenge didn’t produce anything that I could get excited about, and I honestly think Suede got the shaft – there’s no way he should have gone home. Terrible decision.

  • Suede: I actually thought his outfit wasn’t bad. It wasn’t particularly innovative, but it was well-executed and I thought he did a better job of portraying his genre than a couple of other designers.
  • Jerell: I probably would have given him the win, although I wasn’t terribly impressed by anyone this round. I thought he did a good job of nailing a certain type of pop aesthetic, even though I didn’t like the vest.
  • Leanne: I’d say Leanne had the most difficult challenge, because how do you convey an identifiably country look these days without being too costumey? Plus, most country stars these days really have more of a pop aesthetic anyway – the traditional country look has become a cliche. With that considered, I’d say Leanne did a marginally passable job. The skirt wasn’t the best choice, and having both a necktie and a blouse that tied was too much.
  • Kenley: the fact that Kenley didn’t go home for this ridiculous look is a travesty. It wasn’t remotely hip hop, and it wasn’t well-executed – those pants were a disaster.
  • Korto: her look wasn’t bad at all – I liked the treatment on the pants. I just didn’t feel like she did anything new or innovative at all.

Overall, this whole episode was just meh. I really hope the designers can step it up because this season has been a pretty big yawn.