The season is winding down. I had pretty high hopes for this challenge, but they weren’t really met.

  • Jerell: his dress was definitely my favorite design, in spite of the construction/fit issues. I liked the style, the combination of colors and texture, and the details. I thought he showed his creativity without going over the top. I also liked that he wasn’t too literal in interpreting his photo.
  • Kenley: I thought the top part of the dress was well executed but boring. The mermaid tail was ugly and costumey. I didn’t care for it.
  • Korto: I like the silhouette, but I think she needed to lose the lace and beads and punch up the colors.
  • Leanne: I didn’t think this dress was as great as the judges seemed to. The details strike me as the kind of thing that can only be pulled off by a super skinny model. The blue fabric in the back was a mistake – she could have done something with it if she had more time, but as it was she’d have been better leaving it off.

All in all, I hope Kenley ends up getting eliminated. I have a lot less curiosity about what she’d show at Bryant Park than any of the others.