We had a really nice visit with Eric’s family in Florida. The weather was great – low 80s, a little rain, a little humidity but nothing too bad. We got in plenty of R&R – I took a nap or two every day! We did manage to squeeze in some fun, too. Eric’s mom and sister went with me to register for baby stuff and Eric and his dad went to the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum.

We had a crab fry one night – yummy live blue crabs.

Karen, Eric and Dana did all the prep while I took the photos. I’m a wuss. If I clean the crabs, I can’t eat them. You can see they got a little punchy – eviscerating crabs will do that to you, I guess.

Eric’s parents have 3 dachsunds: Hilde, Hermie and Hans. This is Eric relaxing with Hans and Hermie – you can just see Hilde off to the side.

Our last day was absolutely gorgeous – no humidity, even! We drove out to Crescent Lake, which used to be a pirate hideout, and had more seafood for lunch.

Eric’s sister Dana and Mom Karen

Eric’s sister and her husband have 5 birds – 3 cockatoos and 2 parrots. This one (Maisy, I think, but could be Maxine) took a shine to Eric and tried to eat his sunglasses.

Here’s Eric’s dad Butch with the male parrot (Gosha, I think? Not sure of the spelling).

It was a nice getaway and family visit. We’re going on vacation again later this month – our last hurrah before the baby comes.