Finale part 1 – better efforts this week. I still think it was a ripoff the way they set up this challenge, but I don’t get to make the rules, so I’m going with it.

  • Jerell: I thought his wedding dress was over the top, but not that bad. A little editing on the top and it would have been very striking. The bridesmaid dress was a throwaway – the execution was a little poor, and the fabric looked cheap to me. I wasn’t very impressed by what I saw of his collection during Tim’s visit – it didn’t seem that cohesive – but I do feel bad that he “won” the last challenge and yet still wasn’t safe this time around.
  • Kenley: her design wasn’t terribly unique, but it was beautifully done and definitely fit her personality and aesthetic. I thought the bridesmaid dress was a touch short, but very cute. She really executed these looks well. I still think she should have gone home for her hip hop outfit, but…
  • Korto: I actually pretty much hated her wedding gown. It looked really muddled – too much going on, and it wasn’t flattering. The bridesmaid dress was cute, but very basic. Based strictly on this challenge, I would have sent her home, but I’m actually excited to see her collection, mostly because I liked her color palette a lot.
  • Leanne: Her design wasn’t totally to my taste, but she did a fabulous job of making something that worked with her collection (what we saw of it anyway), showed her aesthetic and was beautifully executed. I know her color choice fits with her whole collection, but my only complaint about the bridesmaid dress was that the color seemed a little too ordinary, a little TOO bridesmaid-y. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of her collection, too.

Finale next week, woohoo!