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39 weeks

39 weeks

Here I am in the kitchen – you can see the backsplash in the background – that’s what Eric’s been working on this weekend. It looks great!

No signs of impending labor yet…probably for the best since I have a cold right now. I’m getting plenty of rest, though, and hope to be feeling better very soon.

  1. Why couldn’t the rain have started over the weekend, so we had time to discover the leak in our roof and do something about it instead of Eric having to MacGyver a temporary solution 20 minutes before leaving for work?
  2. Which of my non-maternity rain coats comes closest to covering my belly?
  3. Why is it that all of my regular shoes still fit, but my wellies are suddenly snug?
  4. Where the heck is my umbrella?
  5. Why do Southern California drivers insist on tailgaiting when it’s pouring rain?

And it’s only 8:45…

I’ve been meaning to post pictures for awhile. The kitchen is not finished but is fully functional and we’re really happy with the way it’s shaping up. It’s a bit of a mess, but you get the idea:

cooktop wall



Oven cabinet

Sink wall

We still have quite a bit to do: buy new microwave and toaster oven, plumb island and install prep sink, put up tile backsplash, drywall & paint island wall, put up baseboards and door moulding, install new windows…BUT, at least we’ve been able to put away most of our stuff and clear all the kitchen stuff out of the baby’s room, so now we can make some progress on the nursery. My doctor says the baby is unlikely to come early, which is good for us because we only have about 3 more weeks to my due date and we still have plenty to do to get ready. Nothing like waiting until the last minute 🙂