Calvin is now 8 weeks old. He keeps getting bigger – he’s grown out of most of his 0-3 month clothes, and is wearing 3-6 months sizes now. He smiles a lot more, and is “talking” a lot when he’s awake. He’s more interactive and is responsive when we smile and talk to him, although it can be hard to get his attention when he focuses on something.

We’ve been enjoying a visit with Eric’s mom, and now Eric’s dad is in town, too. Today we had a big get-together with a bunch of the Hansen clan, so Calvin got to meet aunts and uncles and cousins he hadn’t seen before.

Grammy Hansen has been going on walks with us. She took this picture of me and Calvin in the Dana Point Harbor. The ship behind us is the Spirit of Dana Point, one of the tall ships maintained by the Ocean Institute in the Harbor.