Our little monkey boy is 14 weeks old. Yesterday we went to the doctor. He got some shots and was weighed and measured.  He weighs 13.5 pounds and is 25.25 inches long. He’s 50th percentile for weight and 80th for height. His doctor told us “that’s why he looks so lanky.” Um, okay. Does this boy look lanky to you?


I know he’s not the biggest kid around, but seriously, he has fat rolls all over. We got a good laugh out of that. He’s definitely long – he’s already pushing the limits of some of his 3-6 month clothes, even though he still has room in the torso. The doctor says we’ll be able to tell more when he’s about 2 years old, but she suspects he may be taller than me or Eric.

Calvin’s showing more interest in his toys and we’re trying to give him a variety of things to do and play with. If you give him a blanket while he’s on the floor he’ll wrestle with it, which is really cute. I’ll try to get some video this weekend. I really like the Eric Carle toys we got him at Target – they have a little bell inside which is very soft – not obnoxious at all, thank God. The Elephant has crinkly stuff in the ears and I find it very soothing to play with – I have to remember that the toys belong to Calvin, not me!

More pics from this week: