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Last weekend we met Eric’s aunt and uncle at San Clemente State Beach, where they were camping. Here’s Calvin with Aunt Jan in his too-big sun hat:



We’ve had several people tell us that he’s the squirmiest baby they’ve ever held, and it can be exhausting trying to keep ahold of him, as Jan discovered! She did an admirable job, though. 

Now that he’s mastered rolling over, our squirmy baby is really trying hard to crawl. He’s getting very strong, but doesn’t quite have the motion down. Lately he’s taken to pushing up on his hands and his toes, like this:



A couple of times today he managed to move one knee forward from this position, but then he either fell or rolled over. He’s getting closer, though! When he does a more military-style crawl on his elbows, he occasionally lurches forward, but mostly goes backwards and gets frustrated. He’s managing to travel around the room, though. I’ll try to post some video in the next day or so.

In other news, we’re pretty sure he’s teething. He hasn’t been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks (waking up about every 2 hours – fun, fun, fun!). Plus, he’s got a lot of the other symptoms on the checklist: he’s drooling a lot, fussy, sucking on his bottom lip and now he’s got the clear runny nose and the rash on his chin. So, you know, we’re really excited about that!

We started him on a little bit of food – rice cereal, and now carrots (per the doctor’s instructions). He’s not too excited about the cereal. He doesn’t spit it out, we just can’t get him to pay much attention to it. He’ll eat it if it’s mixed with breast milk, but if we make it with water he won’t touch it. He seems to like the carrots, though. Right now he’s just eating tiny amounts – we’ll see how things progress. He’ll be five months old on Tuesday and goes in for his doctor visit the same day, so we’ll post some new official height and weight stats then.

I haven’t got all the pictures from our trip – my sister took some great ones but still needs to send them to me (hint, hint). But here’s a sampling of Calvin’s first travel adventure:


First airplane ride

First airplane ride

He did pretty well on the plane  – a few minutes of crying both ways, but not too bad. The main problem is that he’s so wiggly – it’s hard to hold on to him for 2.5 hours. Thankfully, we had an extra seat in our row, so we could lay him down when he got tired.


Calvin with Uncle Jim

Calvin with Uncle Jim


With Thelonious, Grandma and Ione

With Thelonious, Grandma and Ione


At the jogathon

At the jogathon


Handsome boy

Handsome boy

We had a really nice visit with the family and a great celebration of my sister’s birthday – wish we could’ve stayed longer. We are definitely looking forward to their visit this summer.

My sister turned 40 yesterday. Calvin and I are in Seattle to help her celebrate, and we’re having a big party tonight. I have to say, my sister makes 40 look really good. She’s an amazing, smart, funny, accomplished woman, and my best friend. I’m so happy to be with her to celebrate this milestone in her life.


Calvin and Erika

Calvin and Erika

More pictures and trip details to come!

Mother's Day  kinda stunk, akshully

Yesterday was my first ever Mother’s Day, and we had planned a really nice day: trip down to Balboa Park in San Diego, a couple of hours at the zoo, lunch at the Japanese Garden tea house, a little treat at Extraordinary Desserts. I was really looking forward to it. But, I have a 4 month old baby who doesn’t have any concept of “Mom’s special day.”

Calvin had a rough night on Saturday – major meltdown in the evening (he cried so hard he was hoarse the next morning), which exhausted him and caused him to fall asleep earlier than usual, which meant that at 3:00 in the morning he was ready to start his day – wide awake and ready to party. So, Eric and I were pretty wiped out the next morning and decided that a Grand Day Out was not in the cards.

We had some donuts and kept it mellow in the morning, trying to think of a Plan B for later in the day. Then Eric, while working under the house to fix a plumbing issue, caught his finger in a sawzall and had to go to the Urgent Care for stitches. Calvin and I hung out in the car in the parking lot (didn’t want to expose Calvin to Urgent Care germs that might be floating around), and mercifully he slept most of the time. We got lunch at the Carl’s Jr. drive-through, and Eric had to eat his cold because he got called in to get his stitches right after I got back with the food. It was kind-of a sucky day! We’re going to try a rain check on the San Diego plan in a couple of weeks.

In other news, Calvin and I will be going up to Seattle this week for my sister’s 40th birthday. It will be Calvin’s first plane ride – I’m a little nervous, but it’s a short flight so it shouldn’t be too bad, right? I’m really excited about the visit, and Calvin will get to meet his Seattle cousins for the first time – should be fun!

Calvin is 18 weeks old – I can’t believe it! He’s so much fun these days. He’s getting stronger, spending a lot more time on his belly now that he can flip over. He can roll over from front to back, too, but not as well – he still gets stuck and frustrated sometimes. We stopped swaddling him at night because we were afraid he’d roll over onto his face and not be able to get back. He sleeps on his side now, most of the time. He’s sleeping in his crib in his own room at night, too. Eric and I have been taking turns sleeping in that room with him, but he’s adjusting so well that we will probably stop soon and just rely on the baby monitor.

Eric sent me these pictures at work today. He swears that Calvin started hamming it up as soon as he saw the camera!



So, how did Bravo’s new Project Runway replacement hold up? Not too bad. It is what it is – a derivative show with a few interesting changes. I really like the runway set, and having the show in front of a live audience is a big improvement. I’m withholding judgment on Isaac and Kelly for now; it’s the first show – I want to see how things progress.

And as for the designers, the back-stage drama is not why I watch the show. If the prep stuff moves away from design process and into personal drama, I tend to tune out. I’m all about the fashion, baby! I liked the first set of challenges (nothing too wacky) but wasn’t overly impressed with the designs. Seriously, when you’re asked to design around a must-have item and you choose harem pants or bolero jackets, you’re in trouble. I totally agreed with james-Paul winning the challenge – he made a very interesting dress and managed to incorporate the jacket without ruining the look. But I have to say I was shocked that Merlin’s design was also held up as a potential winner. I thought it looked really clownish. I also agree with the loser – Jonny had no ingenuity in the design, and the fit issues were ridiculous. Kristin at least tried to do something a little more interesting, even though she failed. And the whole harem pants team – with the possible exception of Reco, the construction on those pants was atrocious!

There’s definitely room for The Fashion Show to improve, but it will help stave off the Runway withdrawals until August, and that’s good enough for me.

Just doing a little housekeeping: since this blog has been taken over by Calvin news, I started another blog called Wrong Again for posts related to libraries and other professional interests. I’ve copied some of the relevant posts from this blog over there, and given them the category “cross-posted.” Fair warning: I’m planning to resume some non-Calvin blogging here, too. I’ve been trying to sneak in a little reading here and there, so I should have a review or two to post in the not-too-distant future. And Bravo is launching their new Project Runway competitor, The Fashion Show, this week, so I’ll be blogging about that as well, and anything else of interest (time permitting).