Last weekend we met Eric’s aunt and uncle at San Clemente State Beach, where they were camping. Here’s Calvin with Aunt Jan in his too-big sun hat:



We’ve had several people tell us that he’s the squirmiest baby they’ve ever held, and it can be exhausting trying to keep ahold of him, as Jan discovered! She did an admirable job, though. 

Now that he’s mastered rolling over, our squirmy baby is really trying hard to crawl. He’s getting very strong, but doesn’t quite have the motion down. Lately he’s taken to pushing up on his hands and his toes, like this:



A couple of times today he managed to move one knee forward from this position, but then he either fell or rolled over. He’s getting closer, though! When he does a more military-style crawl on his elbows, he occasionally lurches forward, but mostly goes backwards and gets frustrated. He’s managing to travel around the room, though. I’ll try to post some video in the next day or so.

In other news, we’re pretty sure he’s teething. He hasn’t been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks (waking up about every 2 hours – fun, fun, fun!). Plus, he’s got a lot of the other symptoms on the checklist: he’s drooling a lot, fussy, sucking on his bottom lip and now he’s got the clear runny nose and the rash on his chin. So, you know, we’re really excited about that!

We started him on a little bit of food – rice cereal, and now carrots (per the doctor’s instructions). He’s not too excited about the cereal. He doesn’t spit it out, we just can’t get him to pay much attention to it. He’ll eat it if it’s mixed with breast milk, but if we make it with water he won’t touch it. He seems to like the carrots, though. Right now he’s just eating tiny amounts – we’ll see how things progress. He’ll be five months old on Tuesday and goes in for his doctor visit the same day, so we’ll post some new official height and weight stats then.