This video is a snippet of Calvin playing one of his favorite games – it’s a version of peek-a-boo. He’ll do this over and over, but I can’t get it on video because as soon as he sees the camera he charges and the game ends.

What’s interesting to me about this game is how much development it represents. I’ve really been working at keeping this blog up to date since Calvin was born. We have family all over the country, so it helps them keep up with what he’s doing and it’s an easy way to keep track of all his milestones. I thought I’d done a pretty good job of getting everything written down, but when we play this game I notice how many things he’s doing now that came on so gradually I didn’t notice.

Calvin’s been responding to his name for awhile now, but I couldn’t tell you exactly when that started. He’s developing object permanence – he understands when we leave the room or when we’re behind a curtain that we’re not gone. He’s also developing a sense of humor, a sense of play, beyond just reacting to silly faces and noises and things. When we get a good game of “where’s Calvin?” going, he’ll start cracking up as soon as I start asking the question, and he’ll hide a little longer and laugh instead of popping right out. He thinks it’s hilarious, even before I react. I can’t tell you a definitive starting point for any of these developments – they’re sort-of happening in the background as he works on other things.

These things are as natural for adults as breathing, but when you watch a baby make these connections it seems pretty miraculous. Having a baby is a ton of work, and it can be exhausting and worrying and stressful. But it’s also restoring my sense of wonder, and filling my days with joy after unexpected joy.