We finally got some good shots of Calvin’s teeth, which you can only see when he smiles really big.




He hasn’t taken any steps since his first attempt, but he’s working on his jumping skills – I’m still trying to get that on video. His new favorite sound is the “motorboat” sound. Sometimes that’s how we find out he’s woken up from his nap – we hear him making motorboat sounds in his crib.

He loves exploring outside and will go out whenever we leave the door open. He likes to play with the rocks in our planters. He’s especially drawn to green plants, so the basil plant that’s out on our front deck is a little beaten and bruised, but Calvin smells delicious!




Of course everything goes in his mouth, so we really have to keep an eye on him when he’s playing with leaves and such. That’s just par for the course, I guess. He’s pretty fearless when it comes to exploring or trying to do things (like crawl from one recliner to another over a two-foot gap), which is another reason we have to watch him like a hawk and hold him tightly – he’s quite strong.

Changing his diaper has become quite a challenge, because the boy WILL NOT stay still. You can imagine how much fun that is.

He gets very serious when he’s exploring or trying to figure things out, but he is also very funny and has a silly sense of humor – it’s easy to make him laugh.


He’s still not much of a napper, but he’s sleeping much better at night and that makes a huge difference in our lives. 


Life is good!