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Eric’s uncle Bob Mickelson passed away last week. He died of pneumonia after battling two types of cancer. We were fortunate enough to have spent some time with him in recent months, and are so glad he got to know Calvin a bit before he died.

Over the weekend, we went up to Running Springs for his memorial service and stayed overnight. It was a good trial road trip for Calvin – not too long a drive, but far enough to give us a good idea of how he’ll do on longer journeys. He handled it pretty well. As usual, he didn’t nap much during the day – way too much going on – but slept well at night and did fine on the drive up and back.

It was great to spend time with Eric’s Aunt Jan and some of his cousins and extended family. The service was a really nice celebration of Bob’s life, and I can say with all honesty that it’s the only memorial service I have ever attended that involved the use of a blow dart!


Calvin with Aunt Jan

Calvin with Aunt Jan


Unhappy about something!

Unhappy about something!

 Eric’s uncle used to say, “When  I die, bury me in a pine box and throw a big party.” I guess Calvin took him at his word:


The weather was hot and clear and we took Cal up to Lake Arrowhead village to walk around a bit. 




Calvin got lots of walking practice at Jan’s house. Lately we’ve noticed that he likes to carry something around with him when he walks.

I have more pictures and updates to post, but it’s late and I’m sleepy, so I’ll try to post again tomorrow. I will say that Monday was Eric’s 40th birthday, and though he didn’t want to make a big deal of it I thought I’d mention it in case anyone wants to send some birthday wishes his way. He makes 40 look pretty damn good!


Calvin is a budding filmmaker. You can see a sample of his early work below. So far it appears to be a little derivative, hinting of The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield. But he approaches the camera with confidence and is working to develop his own unique perspective – I think he has the makings of a great auteur.

Advisory: those who are prone to motion sickness might want to skip this one.

Calvin went to the doctor today – he’s 19 lbs. 14 oz. and 28 3/4 inches tall. He’s been slimming down a bit because he’s so active, but he still has cute little chunky rolls.


calvinandboosfirstdayofschool 003 (Small)

He’s been working on walking a lot – just in the past couple of days he’s really started trying to walk more than crawl. We finally caught a little on video:

Calvin continues to take a few steps here and there, although most of the time he seems to feel it’s easier just to crawl. We still haven’t managed to get any videos of him taking steps, but we are working on it.

He’s been getting a fair amount of beach time and he’s getting really fearless with the water – he charges right towards it.


He’s still pretty inconsistent with his naps and we have plenty of days where he only naps for 30 minutes here and there, but increasingly often he’ll take one or two longer naps, and that’s really nice.  We hope it becomes more regular! I’ve seen plenty of babies sleeping over the years, and it still amazes me how they can sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking positions. Here’s Calvin today:


He actually slept like this for about an hour and a half. We frequently find him crammed into one of the corners of his crib, and he also seems to like sleeping with his legs tucked under him and his butt up in the air.

My cousin Micah and his family came over this week, so Calvin got to meet his newest second cousin, Carter, and see Evan again. Here they are picking tomatoes on our front deck:


Calvin also spent some time over at Grandma’s house – she had him cracking up for about 5 minutes over a Pringles container – I just managed to video the last bit of it, but you get a pretty good idea of his laugh:

You get a pretty good idea of my mom’s laugh, too – they had so much fun!

Our baby is 8 months old tomorrow! He continues to change nearly every day – it’s so amazing to watch him develop. After his single fluke step earlier this month he seemed to give up for awhile, but Eric said he took several steps today, and once he actually saw him stand up, turn around without holding onto anything and take a step before falling. He tried to get some video, but no dice so far.

Calvin weaned himself off his pacifier – hasn’t used it for a few weeks now, which is nice. He’s going to sleep so much easier and getting a lot better about falling asleep on his own if we put him in his crib while he’s still awake.

He took a very late nap today and woke up when he’d ordinarily be going to bed. He was super silly and punchy, so I took some video of him playing with Eric – it’s pretty dark, unfortunately, but I think you can see well enough to get the idea.