Our baby is 8 months old tomorrow! He continues to change nearly every day – it’s so amazing to watch him develop. After his single fluke step earlier this month he seemed to give up for awhile, but Eric said he took several steps today, and once he actually saw him stand up, turn around without holding onto anything and take a step before falling. He tried to get some video, but no dice so far.

Calvin weaned himself off his pacifier – hasn’t used it for a few weeks now, which is nice. He’s going to sleep so much easier and getting a lot better about falling asleep on his own if we put him in his crib while he’s still awake.

He took a very late nap today and woke up when he’d ordinarily be going to bed. He was super silly and punchy, so I took some video of him playing with Eric – it’s pretty dark, unfortunately, but I think you can see well enough to get the idea.