Calvin continues to take a few steps here and there, although most of the time he seems to feel it’s easier just to crawl. We still haven’t managed to get any videos of him taking steps, but we are working on it.

He’s been getting a fair amount of beach time and he’s getting really fearless with the water – he charges right towards it.


He’s still pretty inconsistent with his naps and we have plenty of days where he only naps for 30 minutes here and there, but increasingly often he’ll take one or two longer naps, and that’s really nice.  We hope it becomes more regular! I’ve seen plenty of babies sleeping over the years, and it still amazes me how they can sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking positions. Here’s Calvin today:


He actually slept like this for about an hour and a half. We frequently find him crammed into one of the corners of his crib, and he also seems to like sleeping with his legs tucked under him and his butt up in the air.

My cousin Micah and his family came over this week, so Calvin got to meet his newest second cousin, Carter, and see Evan again. Here they are picking tomatoes on our front deck:


Calvin also spent some time over at Grandma’s house – she had him cracking up for about 5 minutes over a Pringles container – I just managed to video the last bit of it, but you get a pretty good idea of his laugh:

You get a pretty good idea of my mom’s laugh, too – they had so much fun!