Eric’s uncle Bob Mickelson passed away last week. He died of pneumonia after battling two types of cancer. We were fortunate enough to have spent some time with him in recent months, and are so glad he got to know Calvin a bit before he died.

Over the weekend, we went up to Running Springs for his memorial service and stayed overnight. It was a good trial road trip for Calvin – not too long a drive, but far enough to give us a good idea of how he’ll do on longer journeys. He handled it pretty well. As usual, he didn’t nap much during the day – way too much going on – but slept well at night and did fine on the drive up and back.

It was great to spend time with Eric’s Aunt Jan and some of his cousins and extended family. The service was a really nice celebration of Bob’s life, and I can say with all honesty that it’s the only memorial service I have ever attended that involved the use of a blow dart!


Calvin with Aunt Jan

Calvin with Aunt Jan


Unhappy about something!

Unhappy about something!

 Eric’s uncle used to say, “When  I die, bury me in a pine box and throw a big party.” I guess Calvin took him at his word:


The weather was hot and clear and we took Cal up to Lake Arrowhead village to walk around a bit. 




Calvin got lots of walking practice at Jan’s house. Lately we’ve noticed that he likes to carry something around with him when he walks.

I have more pictures and updates to post, but it’s late and I’m sleepy, so I’ll try to post again tomorrow. I will say that Monday was Eric’s 40th birthday, and though he didn’t want to make a big deal of it I thought I’d mention it in case anyone wants to send some birthday wishes his way. He makes 40 look pretty damn good!