Does this look like the face of a playground bully?

Today Calvin and I went to Irvine Regional Park with my friend Victoria and her son, Abner, who is a month older than Calvin. Unfortunately, Calvin’s going through a really fun hair-pulling and face-clawing phase, and Abner, who’s a total sweetie (and smart to boot – he talks and communicates really well), had to play with Devil Calvin today. We’ve been trying to teach Cal to be gentle but it’s not sinking in. He thinks it’s really funny when we get upset because he hurts us (little dude is strong – you definitely don’t want him grabbing ahold of your hair).

But we did get to ride on a train, and visit the zoo, and play with some goats in the petting zoo. At least, Abner played with the goats. Calvin tormented the goats. Here I am trying to show him how to pet GENTLY:

But every chance he got he grabbed as hard as he could with both hands, and the goats were smart enough to start avoiding him so by the end he was just chasing goats around the enclosure.

After that we went to a big open area with grass and trees and paved paths so the boys could run around for awhile. We tried to take some photos, but it’s very hard to corral a couple of one-year-olds and get them to hold still for 2 seconds.

V managed to catch us all looking more or less at the camera, though:

And Calvin  gave V some snuggles to prove he’s not REALLY demon spawn: