Let’s see, what’s the little dude getting up to these days?

He’s a climber – up on everything, and always trying to get to something else. We’re working with him to teach him to say “up.” Right now he says “uuuuuuhhhhhhh.” It gets the point across. His large motor skills are really good – he runs, climbs, kicks a ball around. He’s still a really busy kid – very active. 

I finally found shoes that he’ll wear (pedipeds), which is great. We let him run barefoot a lot, but sometimes shoes are a necessity. He actually laughs every time I put them on – not sure what that’s about.

And he still loves the beach.

He’s gotten much more snuggly in the past month or so, which is very sweet. He’s also still really friendly and social. Here he is with Eric’s cousin Barbara:

and with my Grandma:

I’m not sure when, but sometime in the past month or so he started pointing with his index finger instead of with his whole hand:

But we can’t get the little bugger to wave.

I’m still trying to get good video of a couple of things. He dances (basically bounces up and down) whenever he hears music, and it doesn’t matter what kind of music. He’ll dance to rock, jazz, classical, the Jeopardy theme song, whatever. He also throws his diapers away in the diaper genie. Of course, if we don’t watch him he’ll take them back out again…

He’s such a cool kid – I think we’ll keep him!