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A few of Calvin’s recent activities:

Playing under the sink

Riding on the fire truck

Doing the crossword...

...without looking!

Eating rocks

Having fun at the beach


Just thought I’d post some cute new pics and video. Here’s Calvin wearing the tickle mits my sister sent us:

and playing with water:

He’s started this new thing with shaking his head and turning around in circles. I think it makes him dizzy, but it definitely cracks him up:

He’s also proving to be a much more adventurous eater than his mother. Here he is eating some asparagus (I don’t think I tried asparagus until I was about 20):

Calvin is 14 months old now – almost 14 1/2, actually. He seems so much bigger and older now than even a month ago. A lot more people are telling us that he looks like a boy and not a baby anymore. He still has that changeability in his face, though – sometimes he looks like he’s four years old, but other times he still has that baby look.

I’ve been getting a lot of blurry pictures lately – even when he’s “sitting still” he rarely stops moving.

He’s obsessed with light switches and pull cords – anything he can turn on and off. If you pick him up, he’ll try to dictate his way around the house by pointing – “Take me to that light switch. Now that one. Okay, I’m ready for that one over there.” There are also several in the house that he can climb up to by himself, and he does that frequently. He’s very proud of himself, too.

He’s getting a lot more communicative, and is working on some words. Just today he started making some good distinctions in his “m” words. The differences are subtle, but you can definitely hear them:

He’s been saying Da-Da and Mah-mah for awhile; today he added Ma-Mah (Grandma – the a in the first syllable is pronounced more like “bat”); and Mow-mow (means cat – my mom taught him that one).  He was outside at my mom’s, and when he came back in the house my mom had gone into another room. He was standing in the middle of the room looking around for her, saying “Ma-mah. Ma-mah.” So sweet! Then he chased the cat around the yard, saying “mow-mow.” Very clear. Since he seems to like the M words, we’re trying to get him to say milk. So far he’s just saying “muh” but we’ll keep working on it. 

It’s getting harder and harder to spoon-feed him. If he sees us eating something with a spoon we can give him bites and he’ll take them. But he’s losing patience with the baby food and will push it away more often than not – he wants to eat what we eat. Most meals we’re just taking our own food and breaking it up into little pieces so that he can feed himself. That doesn’t work with everything, though, and other than bananas he won’t really eat any fruits or veggies that way, so we keep trying to get him to eat some fruit and veggie purees for the sake of nutrition. We’re also trying to let him spoon-feed himself, but he still mostly just plays with the food when we do that. He gets the concept and is capable of getting food on a spoon and then into his mouth, he just prefers to fling it around. Way more fun!

He’s gotten taller, and can reach a lot of things on tables and counters that he couldn’t get to before, so we’re doing a new round of child-proofing and moving things to keep them out of his reach. This morning he climbed on top of the trash can in the bathroom to reach some of the stuff we keep on the sink. He’s very determined and very good at figuring out ways to get to what he wants.

He recovered very quickly from his faceplant, by the way. The scrapes healed up very quickly and within a week they had pretty much disappeared. For now, anyway, he’s given up the thug life and gone back to being handsome and charming.