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Our little monkey keeps finding new places to climb. This is what we have to do to keep him off the dining room table:

If we leave the chairs upright, he can just hop right up on the table. It took him awhile to realize he could do it, but now that he’s figured it out it’s all he wants to do. Well, that and climb up on the toilet tank. There’s an easier solution for that, though – we just have to keep the bathroom doors closed.


Here are some recent pics of Calvin.

He always wants to try the scooters that kids bring to the park.

He still loves to climb, and always wants to get as high up as he can:

Calvin with Uncle Ivan:

Calvin waters the plants:

and plays in the sprinklers:

We had to give Calvin a little “air time” in the van this morning before we headed home from breakfast. He was really into playing in the driver’s seat (and no accidents!). 

Calvin demonstrates the proper technique for making French Onion soup: