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Calvin’s been walking around in our shoes for a long time, but all of a sudden he’s developed a real fixation. I used to get a nice greeting when I came home from work – he’d run up and give me a big hug and kiss. Now he goes right to my feet and tries to take my shoes off so he can walk around in them.

I think the boots are my favorite, although I appreciate his ingenuity with the diaper genie refills.

Calvin’s been having fun with his grandparents from Florida who are in town for a few weeks. We’ve been taking more video than pictures, but I haven’t had much time to edit so here are a few photos to tide you over and I’ll try to post some video in the next day or two.

Calvin spends a lot of time at the park these days, as we are trying to tire him out! He loves ladders and can climb most of the ones at the park near our house.

He’s obsessed with swings. He holds on really well and we have no problems putting him on the big-kid swings, but he prefers the bucket swings because he knows we’ll push him a lot higher.

He’s basking in all the attention he gets from Nana Karen and Grandpa Butch.

And he’s still perfectly happy with a mouthful of sand.

Here are some more pictures from my Grandpa’s birthday. He got interviewed for an article in the Register:

and blew out the candles on his birthday tiramisu:

The whole fam damily:

And here are a couple more pics of Calvin on the trampoline:

We made the older kids start out very gentle, but after a couple of days Calvin was getting some pretty good air and falling all over the place and loving every minute of it.

Here’s some video of his early attempts:

Now Eric’s folks are in town with their dogs, so we’ll be having lots of fun with the Hansen clan and I’ll try to post some more pictures in a couple of days.

My grandpa turned 90 over the weekend, so the whole Cropley clan was in town for the party. My gramps was surprised, but I think he had a great time!

We’ve got a bunch of pics and video to post, but we’ve had Internet issues so I haven’t been able to get anything up. Here are a couple of pics of Calvin playing on the trampoline with his cousins (his new favorite pastime), and I’ll post more later: