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Our boy turned 18 months old at the beginning of this month. Here’s some of the latest news:

He’s been on a primarily liquid diet for over 3 weeks now. All 4 eye teeth are coming in at once and he hasn’t wanted to eat anything. We’re trying to fatten him up with smoothies and yogurt, but he’s only just starting to show interest in food again. 

The transition from two naps a day to one was a bit rough, but he’s back on track now and typically sleeps for an 1 1/2 – 2 hours every day, plus 10 hours at night. It’s a good schedule. He usually goes to the park twice a day now, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, because if he doesn’t we all get cabin fever. He really needs to get some energy out!

He has several little rituals that he’s developed. For example, in the mornings while I get dressed he finds all the empty hangers on the lower rack in our closet and pulls them out. He used to just carry them around and then abandon them in various places around the house, but for the past month or so he’s been using them to make a sculpture in our bedroom trash basket. It varies a bit depending on how many hangers there are, but here’s a pretty typical sample of his work:

He’s recently become obsessed with books, which is awesome! He likes to read the same book at least 10 times before he switches to another, which is…less awesome. I have quite a few books memorized now.

He also loves to play with my iPhone. I have a few apps I downloaded for him. His favorites are Elmo’s Monster Maker and First Words. He’s gotten so good at First Words it almost looks like he can spell (he can’t, but it’s still pretty impressive to watch him with that game – I am beginning to understand what it will be like to raise a digital native). The Elmo app is pretty cool. You pick a monster, add a face and a hat, and then you can make it dance, interact with Elmo, or take its picture. He needs a little help building the monsters, but then he’s good to go. I now have lots of monster pics on my phone:

Eric’s parents are still here visiting, and it’s great for Calvin to have time to build relationships with them. He’s really taken to them, especially Nana. And he thinks Grandpa Butch is hilarious. 

Not everyone will stick crayons up their nose to entertain a toddler!

Eric’s mom has been a godsend. For instance, she entertains Calvin at meals so that Eric and I can actually eat at the same time. I’d almost forgotten what that was like!

Eric’s sister Dana is in town, now, too. She got the full Calvin experience today at lunch. We don’t usually take him to restaurants except for breakfast, when he is most mellow. Later in the day he gets squirrely. We ate at the Ramos House in San Juan Capistrano, which is just lovely. It’s outdoors and they have a restaurant cat, so Calvin kept getting down from the table to chase the kitty, among other things. Ramos House is just across the tracks from the train depot, so if you’re taking a train in SoCal and want to get off and stretch your legs in SJC, I highly recommend it.

Calvin’s developed a little more shyness in recent months. When he walks into an area where there are strangers, he stops, tucks his head down and to the side, and holds absolutely still. I think he thinks that if he doesn’t move, they can’t see him. He usually warms up pretty quickly, though. When we do go out to eat, he’s likely to walk up to strangers and try to sit at their table.

He’s still a climber. He does great at all the parks and often prefers ladders to stairs now. He’s getting more dangerous at home, though. We have kept our child-proofing as minimal as possible, so we lock up the dangerous stuff but let him have access to most everything else. In the kitchen, he can get into the tupperware and the pots and pans. We also have a drawer where we keep our giant spice containers that we got at Costco. He can’t get them open yet, so we haven’t worried about them. A couple of weeks ago Eric walked into the kitchen and Calvin had taken out the large containers of garlic and onion powder (about 7 or 8 inches high, with lids that are just over 2 inches in diameter) and was standing on top of them, one foot on each, to reach the counter next to the stove. Thankfully the stove was not on! It never occurred to us that he would think to do that, but now we know…he looks pretty angelic most of the time, but he has a devious mind!

He’s a sweet boy, and has a good sense of humor. Eric cracks him up all the time, which is awesome, because his laugh is still pretty much my favorite sound in the world.

Calvin’s having lots of fun with his grandparents.

The other night they came over for dinner and he showed off his spinning skills. He had been going for several minutes before this video was taken, so he was quite dizzy. He’s not usually allowed on the table, but hey, we have to let him party a little when the grandparents are in town!