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Here are a couple of videos of Calvin eating. In the first one, he’s having yogurt. Ordinarily we’d have him feed himself, but it was right before bedtime and he had just had a bath. When he eats yogurt he tends to make a mess, so I was trying to keep him clean, and he’s still trying to goof off.

Here he is eating spaghetti. Calvin’s meal-time routine is to eat in his own chair for awhile, and then climb into my lap or Eric’s and eat off our plates for awhile. Is it bad that we allow this? ­čÖé

Spaghetti is so versatile – you can eat it, play with it, wear it…

And here are a few random pictures:


Lately Calvin has been getting really punchy about an hour or so before bedtime. This results in all kinds of silliness, which Eric’s cousin Brian experienced first-hand when he stopped by the other night:

He took a big jump forward with his verbal skills this weekend. He’s imitating lots of words and sounds all of a sudden:

Ba-bye, Hi, Da-Da (dog), Ni-ni (night night), Pah Pah (with hand claps, for pattycake), WaWaWa (Wow Wow Wubbzy – my mom got him hooked on a new show). For itsy bitsy spider he does a funny little hand gesture and “sings” a few notes.┬áHe’s also kicked it up a notch with his pretend phone conversations. They go something like this:

  • Holds phone (or remote, or anything else vaguely phone shaped) up to his ear
  • “Hi” (pause)
  • “Yeah!” (pause)
  • Gibberish (pause)
  • More gibberish (pause)
  • And so on…

It’s really cute – the pauses while he waits for the imaginary person on the other end to answer are so funny! We’ve had a fun weekend with our silly boy.

At the park:

Going to breakfast:

Being goofy:

I know I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up the blog lately. For some reason we just haven’t been taking as many pics and videos. But we’re trying to be better, I promise!

Calvin at 20 months is really fun, but also more challenging. We’re starting to see a bit more temper from him when he doesn’t get his way – can’t say I’m excited about that, but I know it’s a normal part of development. Just in the last week or so he’s also developed an obsession with the TV and wants to watch it all the time, so we’re trying to be extra careful with that. At the same time, he’s gotten pickier about what he’ll watch. He likes SpongeBob, Sesame Street (mainly Elmo), and Yo Gabba Gabba. Nothing else holds his attention for long. He knows the remote changes the channel, so if he’s not happy with what’s on he brings the remote to me or Eric and shoves it in our hands to make us change it. He’s very insistent! He’s gotten bored with all the local parks lately even though we rotate between 6 or 7 on a regular basis, so we’re struggling to find good ways for him to get rid of some energy during the day.

In addition to outdoor activities, we’re also looking for some new toys or indoor activities that will catch his interest – suggestions welcome! He still loves books. He’s not into puzzles yet – he likes to take them apart but not put them back together. We’ve had pretty good luck with blocks and he’s enjoying those:

He no longer eats in a high chair – gave that up completely a month or so ago. He sits either in a booster seat or just in a regular chair, and is much happier about that. He’s doing well feeding himself with a regular fork or spoon – it’s messy, but results in fewer mealtime battles. He really wants to eat the way we eat, so he’ll try things like eating with chopsticks.┬áHe’s not much fun in a restaurant, though – he just wants to go exploring and it’s hard these days to get him┬áto focus on food.┬áHe loves drinking anything out of a straw, especially smoothies. We’ve been exploiting that lately – he stopped eating baby food awhile ago, but since then it hasn’t been as easy to get nutritious food in him. We found out, though, that he’ll still eat the baby food that comes in a pouch and has a little straw-like nozzle on it. We’ve been using those for snacks – very easily portable and a good way to get some fruit in him when he’s being picky.

He’s obsessed with lights, ceiling fans and planes and it seems like he’s always looking up. He’s quite a good plane-spotter.

Calvin is our little Houdini – no lock can hold him! He can open the gates on our front deck and the “childproof” latches on our kitchen drawers. He also figured out how to unlock the buttons on the dishwasher drawers. The good news is, he seems to be more interested in figuring out the locks than he is in getting to the contents, so once he’s got it figured out he tends to lose interest. We think he’s just about to realize that he can get out of his crib, too, which is a bit of a worry. Seems a little soon to transition to a toddler bed, but I’m not sure we’re going to have much choice.

He loves music and still dances a lot – we were watching a show a couple of weeks ago and they played an old Otis Redding performance, and Calvin came up with a whole new set of moves! Spins, arm gestures, somersaults – all kinds of goofiness.

He really enjoys his kiddie pool in the backyard, and playing with buckets, hoses, or sprinklers. He’s still not sure about the big pool at Uncle Ivan’s, but we’re working on it.

I know this post doesn’t make up for all the blog neglect, but hopefully we’ll be posting more frequently in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!