Lately Calvin has been getting really punchy about an hour or so before bedtime. This results in all kinds of silliness, which Eric’s cousin Brian experienced first-hand when he stopped by the other night:

He took a big jump forward with his verbal skills this weekend. He’s imitating lots of words and sounds all of a sudden:

Ba-bye, Hi, Da-Da (dog), Ni-ni (night night), Pah Pah (with hand claps, for pattycake), WaWaWa (Wow Wow Wubbzy – my mom got him hooked on a new show). For itsy bitsy spider he does a funny little hand gesture and “sings” a few notes. He’s also kicked it up a notch with his pretend phone conversations. They go something like this:

  • Holds phone (or remote, or anything else vaguely phone shaped) up to his ear
  • “Hi” (pause)
  • “Yeah!” (pause)
  • Gibberish (pause)
  • More gibberish (pause)
  • And so on…

It’s really cute – the pauses while he waits for the imaginary person on the other end to answer are so funny! We’ve had a fun weekend with our silly boy.

At the park:

Going to breakfast:

Being goofy: