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Too tired to post all the pics and video tonight, but here’s a teaser:


Calvin was eating breakfast at the table this morning while Eric cleaned up the kitchen. When Eric looked up from what he was doing, this is what he saw:

I can’t stop laughing!

Calvin turned 21 months on the 2nd of this month. He’s doing great! Eric’s mom flew out to spend a week with the boys while I was out of town, and he had a really nice time with his Nana.

I’m so grateful that she was able to come. It really eased my mind while I was gone to know that Calvin was having some special time with his Nana and that Eric was getting a break from time to time. Calvin took it all in stride, which made it much easier for everyone.

He still loves books. Many of his favorites have a line that he thinks is really funny, and he’ll laugh in the same place each time. I wish I knew what it was that tickled his funny bone, but it’s pretty random. He has other habits, too. The last line of Goodnight Moon is “Good night noises everywhere” and Calvin always whispers a soft little “yeah” at the end. It’s very sweet!

Eric’s been doing lots of projects around the house, as always, so Calvin associates him with power tools. Whenever he hears power tools being used, he says “Dada!” and runs to look for Eric. He hasn’t quite worked out that other people in the neighborhood use tools, too.

We have some obnoxious crows around our house, and when they are getting out of hand Eric will go outside and clap loudly or bang some shoes together to scare them away. Just the other day we noticed that Calvin was doing these big claps every time he hears crows outside – like father, like son! It’s always funny to see what he picks up without us teaching him intentionally.

He doesn’t much like to have his teeth brushed, but he likes to play with and chew on toothbrushes on his own. I have a Sonicare toothbrush and Eric has a non-electric variety. When he uses his own toothbrush or Eric’s he does it quietly, but when he uses mine he makes an “mmmmmmm” sound to mimic the motor of the Sonicare. So funny!


We had some rain this week and had to explore some indoor alternatives to the park. The mall has a good play area, and we also went to Jump-n-Jammin, which is a cool indoor playground with all kinds of fun stuff (and very reasonably priced for kids under 2 – only $5 and one parent is free).

Here’s Hot Rod Hansen practicing his driving skills at the mall:

He thought the fun-house mirror at J-n-J was pretty funny:

Calvin still loves to play with balls, both throwing and kicking. Lately he’s started to position the ball before he kicks it – we’re not sure where that came from. His favorite ball is a bit lopsided and doesn’t like to stay put, but he’s very patient.

He’s adding words to his vocabulary slowly but surely. Some are pretty clear (“ball”), others require context (“dog” and “down” are almost indistinguishable).  “Yeah” is still his favorite word, and I need to get some better video because he says it so enthusiastically most of the time. Super cute, but he’s too camera-aware and we haven’t been able to catch it.

Seems like he’s growing and changing every day – it’s hard to keep up!